This is how to find and keep love the Feng Shui way

This is how to find and keep love the Feng Shui wayThis is how to find and keep love the Feng Shui way

Good Feng Shui love tips can help you find out what's stopping you from receiving love and activating your love life that will last for a long while.

People turn to Feng Shui to make sure their house and life are in order. Especially in the pursuit for love! Whether you’re single and looking for your soul-mate or you’re in a relationship and want to keep the fire going, check out these Feng Shui love tips you can apply to your house to keep a steady stream of love flowing.

6 Feng Shui love tips to kickstart your love life

1. Learn to love yourself

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Before you go off gallivanting and looking for love, you should first learn how to love yourself! We can be our own harshest critics and normally the first person to kick ourselves when we’re down. But as far as Feng Shui love tips go, accepting yourself for who you are and loving yourself is essential.

When you are in a place of self-acceptance, you will also give off positive energy to those around you. And as a result, you will see a difference in the relationships meaningful to you. This includes with your children, close friends, family and also work colleagues.

2. Find out where your love corner is

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Finding where your love corner is in your home could make or break your love life. If you’ve wondered why all your previous romantic ventures were dead ends, this might explain why! Having your love corner prepared with good Feng Shui is one of the best Feng Shui love tips you could get.

Your love corner will always be the south-west corner of the bagua (Feng Shui compass). Once your work out where this area is, you can focus on decorating and making sure it’s inviting positive energy. Declutter the corner and move plants, work-related objects, or anything that aren’t conducive towards healthy relationships!

Adding romantic ornaments and dressing the area with well-appointed furniture that has warm colour tones helps to set the right atmosphere. Red and pink are believed to draw romance to the home.

3. Remove unromantic items from your bedroom

Although your love corner might not be the bedroom, it’s one of the most essential Feng Shui love tips to make sure your bedroom is intimate. If it’s not sensual, you might be depriving yourself of love energy in the bedroom.

So it’s time to move your beloved TV out of the room. If you have any pictures of your family members, they’ll need to rest on a shelf in another room! Anything that isn’t conducive towards an intimate relationship needs to be cleared from the bedroom.

4. Do what you need to do to be happy with the bedroom

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Put another way, is your bedroom ready to house two people? You should prepare for the future, rather than settle for its current state.

If you’re having trouble attracting love or keeping positive energy in your love life, then try the feng shui bedroom spotcheck. Just ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Am I happy with my bedroom’s design and the decor?
  2. Do I feel loved and comfortable when I sleep here?
  3. When I wake up, do my surroundings please me?

If the answer to any of these three questions is a resounding no, then it’s time to go shopping. A new set of bedsheets, duvet or even a new entire bed unit might be in order to help create the sensual atmosphere in the bedroom. Remember to get warm and neutral colours for your bed covers.

5. Have ornaments from the earth element

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The Southwest Corner on the Feng Shui bagua is known to be the symbol for the earth element.

Having a few decorative ornaments like crystals, ceramics or clay pottery can be the key to activating love energy. Including earth elemental ornaments is often overlooked as one of the Feng Shui love tips.

6. Make sure items come in pairs

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Love Feng Shui recommends that you prepare for your partner, even if you are still searching for one. In the bedroom, have two sets of pillows and two towels in the bathroom. Buy more chairs for your dining table so there are two next to each other.

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Vinnie Wong