13 Super cute Halloween party appetiser ideas

13 Super cute Halloween party appetiser ideas13 Super cute Halloween party appetiser ideas

Because there's so much more to celebrating Halloween than devouring mountains of empty sugar

Halloween is just around the corner and it's not just a holiday for tricks, but treats as well. Whether you are hosting a dinner party for friends or having family over for some trick or treating, your guests will love sinking their teeth into these Instagram-worthy Halloween appetisers.

13 Clever Ideas for Halloween Appetisers

1. Scary Good Muffins

Decorate good ol' baked goods using colourful icing. Have fun creating ghosts and ghouls for a pre-dinner treat that's hard to resist.


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2. Cartoon Pancakes with a Twist

Why not take a beloved breakfast food and turn it into spooky snacks your guests can enjoy? Take, for instance, this adorable Winnie the Pooh pancake and his delicious Frankenstein-like doppelgänger!


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3. Spooky Cookies

Cookies are a great alternative to sweets because you can tweak ingredients as you wish. You can use less sugar, or even make them vegan. Your guests will be so busy swooning over your quirky designs that they won't even know the difference!


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4. Mummy Crackers

All you need is about two to three ingredients to come up with adorably silly treats like mummy biscuits. For instance, you can take mashed up squash and slather them all over crackers than use cut-up biscuit to recreate the bandages used to wrap up mummies, like the example below!


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5. Fruit Monsters

Another healthy appetiser that's sure to be a crowd pleaser is making food art out of green apples, peanut butter, and strawberries. Just cut up the fruit into fun, Halloween-themed shapes and use sliced strawberries for the tongue. For the eyes and teeth you can use store-bought, edible googly eyes and sunflower seeds.


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6. Cookie Critters

Double stuffed oreos are great and all, but they don't quite compare to this spooky cookie sandwich idea, especially during the Halloween season.

To recreate this, you can use coloured icing and edible googly eyes.


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7. Green monster

Halloween appetisers don't have to be choc-ful of sugar and empty calories to be considered delicious!

Treat your guests into thinking they're indulging, when they're really enjoying something tasty that's good for them, too. Just like hummus with avocado and veggie sticks that's sure to be an instant, unexpected favourite.


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8. Spider buns

The only time spiders on your plate are actually a good thing is when your serving up some killer Halloween appetisers, like hotdog spiders in tiny bread rolls.

Do your guests have kids? They will surely love this!


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9. Chopped Finger Food

Take some mozzarella sticks, pretzel sticks, and chives to create this delicious, witchy finger food.

It's simple and magical!


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10. Scary sides

Out of time? Then simply add hints of Halloween to your appetisers by decorating side dishes, like dips. Create some food art out of tomatoes and use it as a garnish for a no-fuss way to add more festive Halloween feel to your meal.


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11. Jack-o-ppetisers

Take inspiration from the iconic jack-o-lantern image and create food art using elaborate patterns. Chips, crackers, cheese, and cold cuts, for instance, can be used. You can go simple or be elaborate. What matters is that you have fun with it!


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12. Spider Deviled eggs

Take creamy deviled eggs and make some spooky food art using olives or pickles and you'll have one of the most divine Halloween appetisers in as little as 20 minutes.

This is definitely a crowd pleaser!


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13. Skull Candy apples

Take candy apples and dip them into melted white chocolate and go crazy decorating them with icing. Other fruits can work too, like Asian pears!


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Are you excited for Halloween? Make it even more fun with these great spooky snacks and Halloween appetisters!

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