9 Halloween Party Games

9 Halloween Party Games

Super easy and fun Halloween games for your house party!

Playing host for Halloween this year and you're not sure what games you should play? Have a quick Halloween Games 101 session with us. We've listed some easy and classic games that require minimal prep. Most of them can be played by anyone and at all ages but we thought we would throw in a couple of drinking ones as well. You're welcome.

Halloween games 101

1. Pumpkin bowling


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You will need mini pumpkins or anything round and orange to serve as the bowling ball, toilet paper and some black markers.

Next draw faces of ghosts on the toilet paper then line them up in a triangle like bowling pins. Break your guests into two teams. The idea is that each team member must get a strike before the next person can have a turn to bowl. After bowling, they must reset the toilet rolls. The team that finishes first wins!

Other variations use empty cans or paper cups in place of toilet paper rolls.

2. Doughnut game


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Halloween games 101 would not be complete without this iconic hanging doughnuts game which is actually another variation of the bobbing apple game. It is a fun way for anyone of all ages to play. Let's not forget that this is so much more hygienic compared to the apples because each player will have their own individual doughnut to finish.

3. Mystery box


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This game is probably the one with the most prep time but is oh so worth it. Think HalloweenFactor, where your guests will need to face their fears stick and stick their hands into random mystery boxes to guess what is inside. Depending on your crowd you can opt to keep it mild, fun and child safe. OR you can always up the stakes by really including some unexpected stuff. We will leave that part to your imagination!

4. Toilet paper mummy


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An oldie that still brings on the smiles even among adults. This is definitely the easiest game to organise out of the entire Halloween games 101 list. All you need to do is to buy several rolls of toilet paper to wrap with. Break your guests up into teams and may the fastest or most creatively wrapped mummy win!

But that's not all! A sneaky tip is to announce at the beginning that there will be another race to "undress" the mummy after the first one. Winner will be the first team that manages to get all the used toilet paper into the garbage bag. Sneaky way to get help with the clean-up right?

5. Pumpkin Pong


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You will need:

  • 2 Ping pong balls (or another spare in case things get rowdy and you lose one)
  • 12 mini pumpkin buckets (6 for each side)
  • a long table
  • paper tape
  • beer
  • A rinsing cup for the ping pong ball

Setting up and playing the game: 

Set the mini pumpkins in inverted triangles on opposite sides in 3, 2, 1. Use the paper tape to mark the middle. This is singles game so its one player versus another on opposite sides of the table. Fill each pumpkin with some beer.

  1. To determine who starts first, both players have to look each other in the eye and try to shoot into each other's mini pumpkins. Each shot must pass the middle line.
  2. If your opponent's ball lands in your cup, you need to remove the cup and drink the beer. Your opponent will also get both balls and get to shoot both of them.
  3. Last person standing with cups still on their side is the winner.

But obviously there are many variations to this game, so it is important to tell your player the house rules before you start. That way everyone knows what to do. And since it is your house, you can make this game as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be.

6. Face cookie


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If you want an almost NO prep game then this is the one for you. Halloween games 101 - always keep the games easy so that you can relax in the event that you're hosting. A super fun game to play for people of all ages, all you need is a cookie for each player! To start, each player must place a cookie on their forehead. The aim is to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without any hands. Yes! Only face muscles! Think about all the funny faces you'll be able to see.

7. Mouthful of Dirt


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This is a super simple game to prepare and all you will need are some shallow containers, chocolate rice cereals and something for your guests to find. It could be candy, a treat or even plastic bugs or spiders hidden in a pile of rice cereals. But of course, there's always a catch. Guests can only use their mouths - no hands. To make the game faster, you can always set a timer.

8. Boozing apples


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This is a super similar game to bobbing apples, just that it's an adult version which involves booze. You will need a shallow container, some apples and a couple of mini bottles of booze. Fill the container with water, then put in the apples and mini bottles of booze.

Players are required to pick up the mini bottles of booze with their mouth only. Hands crossed at the back! You can always up the stakes by floating your apples in a big bowl of alcoholic punch!

9. Trick or Treat


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An easy drinking game to play where the stakes are high. You will need 6 opaque shot glasses filled with either a nasty mix of strong alcohol called "trick" shots or nice tasting “treat” shots. Number the shot glasses from 1 - 6. You will also need a dice for players to roll. Whatever number they roll would be the drink that they get. Make sure to mix the shot glasses around so that the players cannot tell between the drinks!

Now that you have some really cool games up your sleeves, make your Halloween party the best one of the year!

Written by

Rosanna Chio