Feel good this year with these habits for a happier home

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Take time to take care of yourself

Detoxing in the new year doesn’t just involve deep cleaning of the house. Here are some suggestions for healthy habits to develop at home to make full use of your time.


7 healthy habits for good vibes in the new year

1. Set aside some “me” time

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You might not remember the last time you had some time to yourself. Spend half an hour in the morning doing yoga before the day starts, or read in the evening. If you can make it into a daily ritual, even better!

2. Treat yourself to little things

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With Christmas just over, you might have a lot of generic gifts from friends and loved ones. Instead of keeping them, treat yourself to a bath with aromatic soap or scrub.

3. Be a proactive intention setter

Are you someone who sets a mammoth-sized New Year’s resolution? Try one of the best healthy habits to develop – plan intentions. The intentions will dictate your goals for each day and give you something to aim for.

4. Drink more water!

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Do you feel tired and have difficulty concentrating? Drinking more water is a great habit to leave you feeling hydrated and good about yourself.

5. Make quality time a regular daily occurrence 

It is hard to appreciate our loved ones when we see them every day as part of our routine. Make time just to appreciate each other. Ask how their day was or tell them much you love them.

6. Spend time listening to music

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Listening to music that makes you feel good one of the best healthy habits to pick up. Have a playlist running in the background while you’re doing the housework or cooking.

7. Designate one day where no housework is done

There is always housework to be done and is a never-ending story. Turn this into one of your healthy habits by not doing housework on a selected weekday to focus time on other things.

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Vinnie Wong