8 Healthy hawker dishes in Singapore

8 Healthy hawker dishes in Singapore8 Healthy hawker dishes in Singapore

Get your hawker fix minus the guilt!

Hawker centres serve some of the most delicious dishes in Asian cuisine. From hearty broths to stir-fried noodles, hawker fare is pretty much designed as indulgent, comfort food. But did you know that there are healthy hawker food in Singapore that won’t make you feel so guilty about the added calories?

Here’s 8 we absolutely love.

Healthy Hawker Food in Singapore

1.  Popiah

Fresh spring rolls, or popiah, are made up of a variety of meat and vegetable fillings all wrapped up in a flavourful crepe wrapper. Back in the day, popiah came with pork lard pieces, but these days, popiah hawker stalls usually add nuts to give more crunchy texture to the dish.

What makes it healthy? It’s made with ingredients that have fibre and protein, like lettuce, turnips, carrots, eggs, peanuts, eggs, and blanched bean sprouts as well as pork belly strips and shrimp.

Popiah is commonly served with chilli, which gives it an earthy taste, a pleasant contrast to its signature sweet sauce.

You can also have fun making it yourself! Try this recipe.

healthy hawker food in singapore

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2. Mee Soto

Mee Soto, is a spicy, aromatic chicken yellow noodle broth of Indonesian origin. In Singapore’s hawker centres, you will often find it topped with bean sprouts, coriander, eggs, and tomatoes. 

It’s hearty with a kick of flavour that can be made even healthier by adding beansprouts for more fibre or lessening the broth to reduce sodium.

Want to learn how to make it as well? Try this recipe.

healthy hawker food in Singapore

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3. Dosa

Best enjoyed with a hot cup of teh tarik, Dosa is an Indian delicacy that’s become a staple of Singapore’s hawker centres.

There are different kinds of dosa—egg, onion, masala, cheese, or vegetable—but generally, it is made using a rice and lentil fermented pancake, which makes it one of the healthy hawker food in Singapore. Once cooked, it can either be rolled or folded. Smaller servings can be filled with chutney.

healthy hawker food in Singapore

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4. Wantan Mee

Head to any hawker centre or kopitiam in Malaysia and you are sure to find Wantan Mee. This savoury dish, which is also known as Wonton noodles, is made by tossing egg noodles in dark soy sauce and topping it off with smoky sweet barbecued pork, baby bok choy, and pickled green chillies.

Though it can also be prepared as a hearty soup, it also has a scrumptious and savoury dry variety. Want to make some at home? Try this recipe.

healthy hawker food in Singapore

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5. Teochew Porridge

This hawker centre offering is a comfort food at any time of the day. Also known as Teochew miu, this is a rice grain soup that’s hearty and filling.

Teochew porridge actually refers to a method of serving more than an actual dish. Order this at a hawker centre and you can expect an array of steamed fish, fried fish, fish cakes, minced pork, pork intestines, braised duck, boiled vegetables, eggs, tofu, or squid.

6. Oyster omelette

Once you order this savoury dish, the fresh oysters resting inside a fluffy, perfectly seasoned egg, will make it an instant favourite. High in protein and low in fat, oysters are a good choice for those who want more healthy hawker food in Singapore. It also comes with vegetables for added fibre, and of course, the eggs boost its protein content even more.

Want to try to make it yourself? Try this recipe.

healthy hawker food in Singapore

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7. Steamed chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice is often called Singapore’s national dish and it’s not hard to see why. From hawker centres to luxury restaurants, you can satisfy your chicken rice craving practically anywhere on the island.

For a healthier fix, skip the roasted kind and go for the steamed variety.

Of course, Hainanese chicken rice would not be complete without the the dipping sauceschilli with garlic, soy sauce, and pounded ginger. Though the chicken resting on a fragrant bed of rice is sumptuous enough to eat on its own.

You can also make it at home with this simple recipe.

healthy hawker food in singapore

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8. Rojak

Rojak is a tangy and savoury salad made up of fruits, vegetable, and fritters bathed in a spicy prawn-chilli paste sauce, often sprinkled with ginger flowers. This salad might seem unusual because of its contrasting ingredients, but it’s truly a hawker favourite.

In Singapore, you can get your rojak fix at many hawker food centres. It’s unclear who created this dish, as there are Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese versions of it. The word Rojak means mixture or in colloquial Malay, “eclectic mix.” But what’s for sure is that it’s tastiness is universal.

Some might say this isn’t healthy, but just make sure to steer clear of too much fish paste sauce. You can also toss together your own rojak at home with this easy recipe!

Heading to a hawker centre soon? Make it healthier by ordering some of the more healthy hawker food in Singapore mentioned above.

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