Looking For A Healthier Alternative To Milk Tea? Try This Instead!

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If you thought milk tea was good, wait until you try fruit tea!

The Philippines loves milk tea. So much so that a gallon of milk tea has been made available to market for Pinoys to enjoy at home. But as with all things delicious, milk tea has a lot of calories in there (you’d be surprised how many calories you sneak in through drinks!)

So, imagine combining all the goodness of drinking tea with the freshness and natural flavours of fruit. That’s what Hi Tea Singapore promises when they open their first store in the country this month.

Hi Tea Singapore fruit tea brings culture and helps you save calories at the same time

Hi Tea Singapore fruit tea

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While staying in shape is on the agenda for many of us, we also love to try different foods and drinks. Which is why entrepreneur Kristhoff Cagape introduced Hi Tea Singapore fruit tea to the Philippines. Hi Tea drinks are created through distilling tea and blending fruit—making them healthier alternatives to milk tea. 

In an interview with ABS CBN, Cagape said he “decided to bring this brand to the Philippines because I’ve noticed there’s no alternative to milk tea yet. It’s a new concept here in the Philippines since it’s made of cold brew tea and real fruits.”

Hi Tea Singapore fruit tea

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Hi Tea Singapore take their tea seriously. Their Jasmine green tea and oolong tea leaves are brewed for five hours, sometimes overnight! This method of cold brewing reduces the caffeine content by more than half, which also removes the bitter after taste. No more morning jitters!

A 50:50 ratio of tea and fruits is also implemented on Hi Tea Singapore drinks. This is to ensure that the tea’s flavour isn’t drowned by the fruit.

Hi Tea Singapore fruit tea

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The current bestselling drink in Singapore is Watermelon Snow, which is a refreshing blend of watermelon and jasmine green tea.

Tea lovers can try this healthier alternative to milk tea when Hi Tea Singapore opens on the ground floor of Robinsons Metro East in Pasig City, on April 27.

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Vinnie Wong