Keeping your home clean without a helper

Keeping your home clean without a helper

Are we relying too much on hired help? 

Have you ever wondered how everyone manages to keep homes spick and span while you clamber about the internet for home cleaning tips? Cleaning your home when you're living alone or even delegating the cleaning when you're staying with someone is doable, sans kids that is. Even without a helper, it is manageable because while adults can be quite messy we're not talking about someone who is constantly creating mess throughout the day. Enter kids and we have a catastrophe.

If you grew up with a helper at home, then you know what a luxury that is sometimes. The house is miraculously clean without you even lifting a finger, breakfast is made and the laundry all done. Having the added help gives you the freedom to do other things at your own pace. But once you're on your own, the chores becomes yours. They do not go away until you actually get to them yourself. The chores will eventually pile up and your house will never truly be as clean as you want especially if you're juggling between work, kids and life. There would be days where you wish for the added help and extra set of hands to make life so much easier.

Unfortunately, the chores are here to stay, so you really need to think things through and have a contingency plan for your busy days to minimise the risk of chores piling up. Here are some home cleaning tips so that you can put a plan in place.

Home cleaning tips when on your own

Make it a rule to clean as you go

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The easiest way to rack up house chores is to let them pile up. Before you know it, they would overwhelm you. So always make sure to make it a rule to clean as you go, especially when no one will clean up after you. Some good home cleaning tips include not leaving the dishes in the sink because not only will you be left with stained crusty cookware and plates, you will also risk clogging your sink.

It is easier to get the chore out of the way first, then having to tackle the accumulation of it later. Even simple things like putting clothes into the laundry bag instead of leaving them lying around. Or giving the sink a quick clean in the morning after brushing your teeth. These may seem like simple chores here and there, but even doing simple surface cleaning throughout the week can really make a difference. Even allocating fifteen minutes at the end of the day to do a quick run through around the house and pick up stuff and put things back where they should help a lot. Leave the deep cleaning to the weekends. You should deep clean at least once a week.

Set a schedule and stick to it

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Start the day right by making your bed. Make cleaning a routine and stick to it. This really sets the tone for cleaning up as you go for the rest of your day. Imagine ditching the first chore of the day because you're feeling lazy, everything would just go downhill from there. Likewise, if you've scheduled weekends to deep clean the house, stick to it.

You must be wondering what a waste of your weekend. But we're not suggesting that you deep clean your entire home from top to bottom every weekend though! Instead, assign one room to be cleaned on a specific day, for example, the bedroom on a Tuesday, then the study on a Wednesday and so forth. Leave the common areas that get daily usage like the kitchen, living room and toilets to deep clean during the weekends. You can also rotate deep cleaning the rooms to fit your busy lifestyle. Like defrosting your freezer one weekend, then cleaning the windows on the next, or even cleaning your mattress and electric fans, you get the idea. The point is to be disciplined about it.

A thorough purge

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But the best home cleaning tip is to have less clutter. So every once in a while, try to do a thorough purge throughout the house. Get rid of old bills, catalogues and receipts that you don't need. Go through your refrigerator and throw away leftovers and other expired stuff that might be hidden in there. Are there any clothes, toys and books that you wish to donate for instance? The lesser you have the less cleanup you will have to do and maybe you'll realise that maybe you don't need that added help after all.


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Rosanna Chio