8 Places to find great home accessories in Indonesia

8 Places to find great home accessories in Indonesia8 Places to find great home accessories in Indonesia

Indonesian home decor accessories shopping 101

Selamat Pagi! Energy is contagious. Thus it is best to expose yourself to positive vibes and surroundings which radiate energy. What better reason to spice up your home with interesting pieces from shops which sell home decor accessories in Indonesia?

Must-visit Home Decor Accessories in Indonesia

1.Bungalow Living

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A shop for home décor accessories in Indonesia which also houses an art gallery and a coffee shop.

This shop is filled with items that are laid-back and chic in style as each of these pieces embodies the “tribal meets tropical” peg! Find delicately embroidered and woven hats, bags, pillows, blankets, baskets and many more! You can also get items for your furry friends too!

Bungalow Living’s color palette is very muted with touches of earthy hues. Perfect for a simple, minimalist, and relaxing home! I can live here!

Tip: Drop by for a cup of coffee or play with BB King, resident poodle, before leaving!

Address: Jalan Pantai Berawa 35A, Canggu 80361, Bali, Indonesia

Contact: 0361 844 6567

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 6 pm

Photo courtesy: Bungalow Living

2. Sukawati Art Market

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This maze-like market is brimming with amazing native Indonesian products that are affordable for your home! Shop for paintings, wooden bowls, capiz shell items like tissue boxes, plate mats, bags, mother of pearl trays, and many more! You can also get colorful, comfortable, and cultural batik items such as pants, dresses, and bags!

FYI: Sukawati Art Market is so big you need a whole day to actually check out the stores.

Address: Jl Raya Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia

Opening hours: 8am to 7pm daily

Photo courtesy: Instagram-Matita327

3. Eclectik Asia

Aiming for a rustic and character-infused home? Check out Eclectik Asia!

Yes, as the name suggests you will have a plethora of antiques and vintage items upon visiting this store. Get quirky lamps, clocks, figurines, and royal princess chairs which will certainly change your boring room into a classy one!

Address: Jalan Raya Monkey Forest

Contact: +62 819-9990-3308

Photo courtesy: Eclectik Asia 

4. Toko Emporium

The right jungle for you to scour weird yet wonderful pieces! Toko Emporium is famous for unique home décor accessories that are minimalist, edgy, and modern which is heightened by a sudden burst of bold color far from the usual monochromatic style.

See delicately carved buffalo horns, classy mirrors, frames, jewelry boxes, chairs, floor mats, and many more! One amazing fact is they support local artists, so items are almost 100% natively produced.

Address: Jl. Oberoi No 1, Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Contact: +62 821-4745-9485

Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm daily

Photo courtesy: Toko Emporium

5. Ebano

An art supply store where you can get your materials for home décor accessories. Time to be creative as you can get native materials for your coffee table’s centerpiece, your personalized jewelry box, your very own mystic dreamcatcher!

DIY mode on!

Address: JL Raya Legian 475 80361, Indonesia

Contact: +62 361 761440

Photo courtesy: Ebanosatu Bali

6. Kevala Ceramics Bali

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Kevala Ceramics is a line of home décor accessories in Indonesia focusing on ceramics. Its beautifully and intricately hand-crafted items are made by their native artisans, although, international collaborations with Gilly Beal, Dimity Kidston, Fliss Dodd etc. are also avidly rendered.

May it be a noodle bowl, jar for oil, giant mixing bowl, candle holder, oil burner, plant pot or any dainty ceramic that you can think of, Kevala Ceramics Bali got it for you!

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 19:30

Location: Jalan Batubelig, Kerobokan

Website: https://www.facebook.com/kevalaceramics

Photo courtesy: kevalaceramics

7. Hobo Bali

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Are you trying to achieve a bohemian feel for your home? Head over to Hobo Bali to ace the look!

Hobo Bali offers unique and sustainable furniture that supports local communities. Its designs are modern and bohemian with touches of its batik roots.

Find beautifully repurposed crate coffee tables, stools, candles, baskets, posters, photo frames, and jars of various sizes, shapes and subtle prints.

Location: Jalan Kerobokan Kelod No. 105, Kerobokan

Telephone: +62 (0)361 733 369

Website: https://www.facebook.com/hobostores/

Photo courtesy: hobostores

8. Focus Design

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Have a daydream effect with one of their blown glass globes! You can either hang it on a post, by your window, place fortune cookies in it, or even turn it into a pretty fish bowl! Your options are limitless, just keep that creative spark going!

Tip: For colored glass globes, wait for the sunlight to pass through it and be amazed!

Address: Jalan Raya Mas, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali Indonesia 80571

Contact: 0361-978614

Photo courtesy: Focus design

These are some of the best shops for home décor accessories in Indonesia. Enjoy going through each of them and find that perfect batik-inspired cushion or poster for your room!

Tip: Do not forget to say “termakasih” when they give you a good price break! *wink*

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