5 places to find great home accessories in Malaysia

5 places to find great home accessories in Malaysia5 places to find great home accessories in Malaysia

There’s nothing quite as exciting as going shopping for decorations for your first home!

Buying a new home is fun because you get to shop for your accessories, furniture and appliances for your new home!

The fun part is always looking for the right trinkets to display around the house that fits its theme. No matter what the theme is, you can always count on these places to find great home accessories in Malaysia.

And rather than always shopping at the conventional places, shopping at these places can be a fun experience that will yield you unique results.

5 Places to find great home accessories in Malaysia

home decor accessories malaysia

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1. SSF

SSF is what the locals would consider the holy grail when it comes to shopping for affordable, quality products for the home. Here, you will find furniture, plants, wall art, statues, small home accessories, laundry hampers and more.

How affordable is affordable, you might ask? Well, how about getting a sofa bed for as cheap as RM400? And if you join SSF as a member and attend their members only sale, you’ll get to enjoy discounts of up to 50% at least once a year.

2. Kaison

Kaison is a relatively new player to the home accessories market. But it’s been a contender to watch ever since it entered the Malaysian market.

Here, you can find decorative pillows, wall art, curtains, bedsheets, fake plants, vases and more. It’s cheaper than IKEA and will have very quirky and up to date designs. If you’re looking to gear your home towards looking funky and fresh, then Kaison is your go-to.

home decor accessories malaysia

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3. Spotlight

Spotlight is an American brand that has been around for ages. But it’s popularity in Malaysia is still growing, with only a couple of outlets available. But here, you get to find brands Americans love and stuff you probably won’t find elsewhere.

Take for example, a wooden nacho dipping bowl. Prices are surprisingly reasonable too!

4. APW Bangsar Flea Markets

This is seasonal and you will have to follow them on Facebook to know exactly when to go shopping, but APW hosts its thrift market from time to time, where you can get your vintage or preloved items. You’ll have to keep an eye out, though, to catch them on time!

5. BLESS Shop

If you’re looking for quirky pieces of mismatched furniture at super affordable prices, or just preloved trinkets in general, then BLESS Shop is the perfect place to shop at.

As far as thrift shops go, BLESS Shop is one of the best ones to shop at, with its clean interiors and things displayed in an organised manner. Not only will you be able to fill your home with interesting pieces, you will also be supporting a local charity. All the profit earned at this social enterprise goes to supporting the urban poor and refugee communities.

Think you have good home decor and accents already? You can make it better by getting the best deals on great finds!

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