Home designs based on your horoscope to close the year

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Find out how to redesign your living space according to your horoscope before the end of the year is up!

Have you been feeling out of sorts this entire year? If it isn't a feng shui issue, then perhaps it is just the energy in your living space that needs a revamp. With the entire year coming to an end, let's refer to the December horoscope and see how we can make small changes to our home to usher in a new year.

December horoscope home designs for all signs

1. Aries

december horoscope

As the Sun ignites the explorative side of you, open up your space and let the light in by removing any heavy curtains. Add colours and patterns that pop, exotic throws, think pop art! Let yourself go and explore designs that you've never attempted before.

2. Taurus

The Sun is really bringing up the feral and fierce side of you in the December horoscope! So tap into your inner animal. Start building your den with animal prints, dim settings and leather fabrics.

3. Gemini

December is a serious month for you Geminis and you really should reevaluate what you've been keeping in your heart. Be ready to be open about your thoughts where you have been quiet about all these while. To help you get into that frame of mind consider having an open living space that showcases everything in your home. White, clean and clear sights lines to everything in your home.

4. Cancer

Let your inner bold nature shine through by drawing inspiration from the 80s! Add some colourful Memphis style furniture pieces to complete the look. But be sure to leave open spaces for zen time as well as social parties.

5. Leo

If you think a particular decor or design is too over the top then go for it. Go all out with zebra prints, gold and brass fittings. Set your space for a permanent showcase of all your hard work − it is okay to be flamboyant about it.

6. Virgo

If you're feeling a little emotional and need to retreat into self-protection, try some spring cleaning. Give away what you do not need and keep only the necessities, Konmari style. Put away all unused items leaving only comfort pieces to accompany you. In the end, you are left with clean counters, scented candles, and of course, peace of mind.

7. Libra

Find your inspirations at flea markets. Be free to mix and match what you find. Don't be afraid to experiment with pieces which you would never give a second thought and learn what a difference you can make when you do something out of the norm.

8. Scorpio

Try adding natural materials like wood and marble. Also, add on some soft gold fixtures because you're totally worth it. To finish off your living room design, include some fresh flowers and you'll be wondering why you didn't do this before.

9. Sagitarious

This is your month, Sagi! So let's get a little more luxe around the house. How about revamping your study to reflect your wealth and achievements. Be the lord of the manor! Keep your head in the game by displaying all your accomplishments framed up or in a glass cabinet.

10. Capricorn

If you have been extremely tough on yourself all year, why not move on to softer textures when it comes to your home. Fluffy comfortable material like cashmere in pale muted pastel is just the thing for you. This will help calm down a hard day and allow you to enjoy simple beautiful things, even if they may not be that practical after all.

11. Aquarius


In December tap into your futuristic dreaming thanks to the Sagittarius sun. Now is the time to come up with brilliant visions and ideas. If you've been thinking of major renovations all year, write down your ideas now.  The time is now, go all out and do a complete overhaul as long as budget permits!

12. Pisces

December horoscope says to clean up and finish up all your pending home projects this month. Get organised and be ready to usher in a new year feeling rejuvenated without leaving any unfinished business lying around. Draw your inspiration from the 90s with swivel back chairs and ultra-modern designs. You won't go wrong by tidying up!