15 home organisation ideas for stylish storage space

15 home organisation ideas for stylish storage space15 home organisation ideas for stylish storage space

It's a balance between creating new space and reorganising existing space!

Looking for inspiration on how to manage all the clutter in your home? Use these simple home organisation tips to create stylish storage options.

15 simple tips on home organisation for stylish storage

1. Kitchen knives

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Image | Pinterest / Bloglovin

Kitchen knives can be a tricky item to store properly since they’re used often but you don’t want to put them anywhere that might spoil the blades. Instead of throwing them in a drawer alongside all your other cutlery, install a magnetic strip near your preparation area. You could also use a synthetic knife block. They’re really useful since they are free-form so you can put as many or as few knives in here!

2. Open shelves

Running out of concealed closet space? Then you can install open shelves along empty walls. This is great for home organisation since you can display decorative ornaments or place commonly used items like books here.

3. Add shelves in closets

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Image | Pintest / NYTimes

Installing shelves in closers naturally give you a way to organise your closet. You can separate clothing by categories or have extra room for more storage space.

4. Leave commonly used items out

When space is at a premium and you’re trying to implement effective solutions for stylish home organisation, having things lying around is a homeowners worst nightmare. But near your entrance, you can actually leave your everyday items out. These include certain shoes, coats and keys.

5. Combine storage space

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Image | Pinterest / Four Season Colorado

Install a bunk bed on top of a small wardrobe and a desk. You’ll have an effective storage solution while providing space to study and sleep in a confined space.

6. Install end cupboards

No space can afford to be wasted when it comes to effective and stylish home organisation. If the end of your island isn’t being used, or there’s space underneath the kitchen top, then install a cupboard. Having open shelves lets you keep frequently used items like cookbooks.

7. Install a pullout pantry

Keep all of your ingredients and condiments in one space with a pullout pantry. It’s an effective space-saver and you can store everything you need in one place to make cooking a breeze.

8. Utilise the space above the sink

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Image | Pinterest / Studio DB

Many people neglect the space above the sink when planning their home organisation. But you can install an open shelf here to store cleaning materials or a hanging drying rack.

9. Cleaning closets

Save space by tucking away your cleaning supplies in an organized closet. This way, they’re easily accessible and not left in plain sight.

10. Place storage boxes in cabinets

Storage within storage? Meta-storage is actually a really great idea as it allows you to keep small bit and bobs that don’t have a home and also adds design to the shelves.

11. Bathroom shelving 

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Image | Pinterest / Contemporist

Consider installing shelving or an open cupboard within the bathroom walls.

12. Drawer organisers

Tired of having items thrown into drawers? Specialised racks can keep things like dishes and bowls separated but in a neat fashion. Definitely a must-do for great home organisation!

13. Install hangers near entrances

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Image | Instagram @bloomingdiyer

Having a hanger near your entrance is great to hold your coats or keys. You can also have hangers installed behind bathroom doors to hold your towels and clean clothes.

14. Kitchen drawer organisation

Instead of building new space, prioritise existing storage. Have your least-used dishware at the bottom or very high cupboards, and keep commonly-used ones higher up where it’s easier to reach.

15. Multi-functional seats

Buying storage that doubles as a seat is great for mobile storage. Keep kids toys or blankets in there.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong