New Year, New Scent: Home Scents To Breathe New Life to your homes

New Year, New Scent: Home Scents To Breathe New Life to your homes

Your home smelling great adds so much to the ambience!

Having your home smell great goes a long way in creating the right ambience. Try these 9 easy tips to give your beautiful home an infusion of aroma to usher in the new year!

9 ways to make your home smell amazing

1. Essential oil diffusers

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This is a really easy way to let a gentle smell fill a large space. Just a few drops are enough and the mist will carry throughout the house. Try cedarwood or sandalwood for the living room for a soft fragrance. Lavender is good for a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Scented Cleaning Vinegar

Wish your home would smell as fresh as it felt? Make your own scented vinegar the next time you’re going to clean your kitchen. You’ll not only disinfect commonly dirty places but leave a wonderful scent afterwards. For the kitchen, try a citrus scent for the freshness.

3. DIY Potpourri

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Who says you need to clean to smell great? Create your own potpourri by boiling water and adding ingredients that smell amazing. It will make your home smell great for weeks. Try lemon, rosemary and vanilla for a soothing and pleasant aroma in the kitchen.

4. Soaked cotton balls

Want to make your home smell wonderful with little work? Soak cotton balls in your favourite perfume or fragrance and leave them dotted around the house out of sight. This lets you have different scents in different parts of your house! Your bedroom could smell of lavender while the hallway has a muskier scent.

5. Scented candles

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Great for bathrooms or areas to create a relaxing environment while providing intimate lighting. Candles provide a real feel good factor and make your home smell really good! Perhaps you could try a scented candle with peppermint in the office for an uplifting smell that’ll keep you alert.

6. Fabric spray

Don’t have an essential oil diffuser? Just make a portable one by adding a few drops in some water with a bit of baking soda. The fragrance you want depends on where you’ll be applying it. Spraying the sofa with a fragrance made with hints of cedar and pine reminds you of the outdoors and create a homely feel!

7. Aromatic wax melts

These little things are a good alternative to candles. They burn longer for longer and last just as long!

8. Carpet Deodorizer

Struggling with stubborn stains and stagnant smells? Apply some carpet deodorizer to affected areas to breathe new life and let your home smell clean again. Wait 5 minutes before you hoover the carpet.

9. Fragrant houseplants

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Image source: Unsplash

What better way to brighten up the house with beautiful scents than using nature’s very own air fresheners! A couple of pot plants adds colour and fragrance that breathes life into your home.

Written by

Vinnie Wong