9 Top Tips On How To Clean A Bathroom Step By Step

9 Top Tips On How To Clean A Bathroom Step By Step9 Top Tips On How To Clean A Bathroom Step By Step

The bathroom is the easiest place to start when getting your house guest ready

The season for spring cleaning is well underway. Why it’s called spring cleaning, or why this season was chosen as the time to get your house in order is still uncertain, but it nevertheless presents the opportunity to get your house clean and tidy if you didn’t have time before. Your bathroom, in particular, is easy to clean as it’s one of the smallest rooms in your house. But if you’re worried you might miss a spot, then see these suggestions on how to clean a bathroom step by step.

9 things to remember on how to clean a bathroom step by step

1. Wash down the sink

how to clean a bathroom step by step

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The first step involves cleaning the sink. You can also remove items from the countertop to you can wipe, disinfect, and wash it down. Make sure to polish the tap and handles as well. And also don’t forget to clean and refill your soap dispenser if you have one!

2. Wipe down the mirror

Just above your sink will be the mirror. After disinfecting and cleaning it, you can use newspaper to dry it so you don’t leave streaks.

3. Clear out and wipe down the medicine cabinet

If you have a medicine cabinet, then now’s a good time to take stock of your supplies and refresh your medicine inventory. While you’ve cleared everything out, wipe down and clean the shelves as well.

4. Clean the toilet

how to clean a bathroom step by step

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It was always a given you’d have to get round to this! But thoroughly cleaning your toilet will also decrease the chance of it getting clogged in the future. Wipe the basin and scrub the inside especially. Don’t forget the handle and the top as well.

5. Scrub the shower

Your shower is one of the most neglected areas that isn’t cleaned often enough. Considering how damp it is, it’s a prime place for bacteria to gather. Use commercial cleaning products to help remove the soap scum. Avoid using lemons or vinegar, as the acidity will damage the grout. If you have shower curtains, then replace them if it’s been more than a month.

6. Wash the bathroom mats

how to clean a bathroom step by step

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Take the rugs out for a quick wash. You can scrub them by hand, or throw them into the washing machine for a cycle. Hang them out to dry so they’re nice and soft under your feet when you replace them in the bathroom.

7. Empty the bin and wipe it down

Line the trash with old grocery shopping bags or commercial ones. Give it a quick wipe and rinse before you replace the bin bag.

8. Dust fans and vents

If you can remove the vents, then gently do so. Being able to access the grill helps remove most of the dormant dust. Wash and dry them before putting the vents and fans back into place.

9. Sweep and mop the floor

how to clean a bathroom step by step

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The step is part of your daily routine and is done last so you’re not having to work with a wet floor. However, getting your floor very clean requires a bit more elbow grease, especially when getting the grime out from the grout and tiles. It will require you to get on your hands and knees and really get stuck in. Use a solution of vinegar, baking soda, and water for tough stains.

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