How to crack an egg without breaking the yolk

How to crack an egg without breaking the yolkHow to crack an egg without breaking the yolk

Crack eggs without leaving stray bits of shell with these tips

When cracking eggs, even the most savvy cooks have experienced finding the occasional stray bit of egg shell in the bowl. While fishing these pieces out can be no big deal for some, others find it frustrating.

As a new home cook, I have been guilty of rushing through cracking eggs, thinking that I’ll just deal with stray pieces of shell when I had to, which of course, happened quite often. I used to just strike the egg with a fork or crack it against the edge of the nearest countertop and then break it apart absently over an awaiting bowl.

Because I didn’t really think about this step too much, I often pressed too hard on the egg and without noticing it. One time, I even cooked some bits of shell into my breakfast omelette (which wasn’t supposed to be crunchy!)

A few more tries taught me that there is a way to crack an egg cleanly and it starts with striking the egg where it’s weakest, or along the centre. We all have different ways of doing this. Others prefer using a fork or a knife. While others go for simply tapping the egg onto the side of a bowl or countertop.

While any can get the job done, there is a way to crack an egg with less chance of shattering it or making a mess.

How to crack an egg without breaking the yolk

how to crack an egg

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Step one: Roll the egg

First, roll the egg on a hard, flat surface.

Step two: Crack the egg

Crack the egg on a flat surface. Remember: one, firm tap with sufficient force is better than numerous gentle taps using a fork, spoon, or the edge of a countertop

Step three: Lift the egg

Position it over the awaiting bowl and find the crack.

Step four: Break it apart…slowly

Using your thumbs, gently apply pressure on the crack as you break the egg apart…slowly. (This way, any shell bits will stick to the membrane instead of dropping into the bowl._

How to peel boiled eggs

As stated in a previous article, to peel soft-boiled eggs, first tap it gently on a hard, clean surface to crack its shell. Using your fingers, peel off the shell.

Rinse under cold water. Or you can also use a knife to chop the eggs in half before removing their shells.

For hard boiled eggs, what I like to do is to tap it onto a clean counter and once it cracks, I roll it forward so the crack spreads.

Then I peel large portions of the shell and rinse it under cold water to make sure no leftover pieces are stuck to the egg.

Simple, right? Now, if you still find some stubborn bits of shell even after following these tips, don’t sweat it!

Just rinse them off your boiled egg or scoop them out of a bowl if you cracked raw eggs. Don’t use your hands or a spoon, though. Just take a larger piece of shell and scoop the little one out!

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