5 easy steps to making your bed

5 easy steps to making your bed5 easy steps to making your bed

Not making your bed says a lot about your personality!

While no one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed, not making your bed in the morning actually says a lot about your personality. In fact, how you decide to leave your bed in the morning really sets the tone for the day ahead!

We know it feels like torture first thing in the morning, especially after a bad night. But even a simple task like this can subconsciously change your perspective. It is a small sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve checked-off your first task for the day. And with that kind of positive attitude, you would be ready to slay the day.

So regardless whether it’s change-the-sheets-day or just a normal day of making your bed, here’s how to make a bed with a comforter set.

How to make a bed with a comforter set

Step 1: Clear the bed

how to make a bed with a comforter set

How to make a bed with a comforter set, is by first removing everything that is on the bed to one side. That includes the duvet/comforter, all the pillows, any other soft toys or throws and then set them onto a clean surface.

Try to refrain from dumping them onto the floor unless you’ve just cleaned them. Instead, fold the comforter and stack the pillows neatly on the top of your drawer or a table temporarily.

If it is laundry day, then you will need to strip your bed down to the mattress protector and strip all your pillowcase and bolster covers. But if it is not, and your fitted sheet somehow dislodged while you slept, then all you need to do it so tuck it back in neatly and smooth out the surface of the bed.

Step 2: Putting on a fitted sheet

how to make a bed with a comforter set

If you have sent your old fitted sheet into the wash this means you will need to put fresh clean sheets on. But before you do that, realign your mattress protector to make sure it is nice and straight. When putting clean sheets on, you can do this by tucking the elastic corners of the sheet, over the corners of the mattress.

To make sure the sheet is tucked securely around the corners of the mattress, you will need to lift your mattress slightly. If you have done this correctly to all four corners, you should end up with a fitted sheet that sits smoothly on top of your mattress without any slack or crease. If there are any, smooth them out by pulling the affected corner taut before tucking it in again.

Step 3: Placing your duvet or comforter on top

how to make a bed with a comforter set

Once the top sheets are tucked in place, you can lay your blankets, duvet or comforter on top. If you have help, then the two of you can flap the duvet so that it lies straight and smack right in the middle of the bed. It is just a little harder if you’re just one person trying to get the comforter to spread evenly over the bed and with the same amount of overhang.

Step 4: Folding your comforter down

how to make a bed with a comforter set

When folding your comforter or blanket down, be sure to leave about a 6-inch space from the head of the bed to the top of the comforter so that you have space to place your pillows. Duvets are usually a little too thick to fold.

If you like a clean look, then tuck the edges of the folded blanket plus the overhang and tuck everything underneath the mattress for a very neat and tightly-made bed.

Step 5: Fluff up your pillows

how to make a bed with a comforter set

Grab your pillows and squeeze the sides together a couple of times to give them a good fluffing before placing them back on the bed. If your pillowcases are in the wash then put on some new ones. Smooth out the pillow cases then lay each pillow flat at the head of the bed, to fill the space you created earlier.

How to make a bed with a comforter set - finishing touches

5 easy steps to making your bed

If you have extra pillow then stack them over the main ones. You can finish off with decorative cushions or pillows, and place them in an upright position at the head of the bed. Ensure that they are leaning against the sleeping pillows for support.

Or even a throw or bed runner that you keep on your bed for aesthetic purposes. You can fold these neatly in half and lay it evenly over the bottom half of the bed.

How to make a bed with a comforter set. Done.

Is making your bed something you struggle with in the morning? Make it easier with these tips!

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