8 Tips for a more organised work space

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Have a more organised workspace you'll be proud of!

Are you thinking of getting that promotion you've always wanted? Maybe it is high time to think about how to organise your desk at work so that you'll be more productive or at least look more the part.

When your work desk is organised this can lower down stress levels and improve your workflow considerably! That way not only will you have a tidy and neat desk, you will also be able to perform much better and impress your boss.

How to organise your desk at work in 8 simple ways

1. Choose a desk layout that feels natural to you

how to organise your desk at work

Your desk layout should be unique to you because only you understand your own natural workflow. Remember the time when the cleaner came in and rearranged your desk? If your things have been moved around, you would feel it.

2. Have a trash can near you

how to organise your desk at work

Preferably under the table, hidden away from people and easily accessible by you. We know how inconvenient it is to have the perfect idea in mind, only to lose your train of thought after returning from throwing away something. Nobody likes interruptions when they're on a roll, so trust us, keep the trash can near.

3. Organise and hide your cables

how to organise your desk at work

Nothing is worse than tangled and unsightly cables lying all around your workspace. Thankfully with the advancement of wifi and technology, we have fewer cables to worry about. Still, exposed and unorganised cables are just plain unappealing to everyone and an invitation for disaster. They are the number one reason why people trip and fall over them and in worse case scenarios,  overloading and fires could also break out.

4. A stationeries storage system is a must have

how to organise your desk at work

You need a place to keep your pens, pencils, stapler and other everyday stationeries in order. Some desks may have drawers for you to stow them away, but having your stationeries visible and within reach, can help organise, optimize and refine your processes and productivity a lot better.

5. Keep everyday documents nearby

how to organise your desk at work

Another way how to organise your desk at work is to put all documents back to their respective shelves after use. Keep only one or too necessary folders that you need to refer to on a regular basis. This would ensure that your desk is clear and not cluttered.

6. Documents trays are a lifesaver

how to organise your desk at work

Sort out your pending work into document trays, to help you remember which ones are pending, which ones are done that should be filed away and which ones are KIV. This will help you organise your day and to keep track of how much work that needs to be done by the end of the day.

7. Decorate Your Desk

8 Tips for a more organised work space

Never underestimate what a small plant or decorative piece can do on your office desk. They are visually pleasing and can help reduce fatigue, stress, which leads to happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Decorating your cubicle with plants and small decorative pieces is a great way to liven up your workspace.

8. Organise your desk before leaving the office

how to organise your desk at work

Last but not least, always make it a habit to clear your table before leaving the office. This sets the tone for you the following morning and what better way to start with everything already in its place.

Although some may argue that a cluttered desk doesn't always mean low productivity, a neat desk at the end and start of the day is still more pleasing to the eye. 


Written by

Rosanna Chio