The internet is breaking over this viral pineapple peeling hack - here's why

The internet is breaking over this viral pineapple peeling hack - here's whyThe internet is breaking over this viral pineapple peeling hack - here's why

It might not be the cleanest, but this might be the quickest way to eat a pineapple ever!

You thought you knew how to peel a pineapple so it’s ready to eat. But videos posted on social media platform Tik Tok have broken the internet in the past few days. You’ll want to try it out yourself once you’ve seen it.

Have we just found out how to peel a pineapple?

how to peel a pineapple

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Minds are being blown as videos are making the rounds on social media that show pineapple pieces being plucked like nuggets from the fruit. First seen on Tik Tok, Twitter user Dennis Naghizadeh then retweeted his findings of this novel way on how to peel a pineapple.

The head of the pineapple has been cut off but the short video shows someone grabbing small chunks and tearing them off with ease. Over 18 million people have seen this technique and many share the same shock and amazement at the cool food hack. These include foodie hosts Evan Kleinman of Good Food and Kenji Lopez-Alt from the Food Lab.

Many have tried their hand at replicating the feat. But most don’t make it very far! Some people comment that it doesn’t work on American pineapples, while others who claim they managed to find success with this method on how to peel a pineapple propose letting the pineapple ripen first.

The traditional way on how to peel a pineapple involves cutting the top and bottom of the fruit and removing the skin from the flesh as thinly as possible. Then the pineapple is normally cut vertically and the core is removed.

It basically requires a bit more planning than normal. And while this pulling method is stirring up a craze on the internet, many users complained that it’s messy and doesn’t save that much time. It’s also not good for sharing! But don’t let that stop you at having a try the next time you have a craving for pineapple.

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Vinnie Wong