7 reasons you're falling sick at home so often

7 reasons you're falling sick at home so often7 reasons you're falling sick at home so often

You're not imagining it - you probably are falling ill by just being at home! But there's hope.

No matter what you do, you just keep falling ill. “There’s something in my house is making me sick,” you tell yourself. And you might be right. There are many spots in your house that are notorious for germs to gather like there’s a countdown for New Year’s Eve. Here’s how to prevent being sick through disinfecting germy hotspots in the home.

7 ways on how to prevent being sick from your home

1. Turn off the aircon and open the windows

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While many of us wouldn’t know how to cope without our air conditioner constantly turned on, I’m afraid to tell you that this might be the reason you fall ill so often. Aircon units don’t actually purify the air – they just recycle existing air. So if there are any toxins or harmful bacteria, they’ll just get sucked in and redistributed into their air again.

Just remember to open the windows every once in a while and let fresh air circulate in the house. This is the simplest solution for how to prevent being sick.

2. Clean damp surfaces that have mould

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The black sprawling streaks in your bathroom are there to stay unless you do something about it. If you’ve wondered about how to prevent being sick, these patches of mould and mildew need to go.

They often gather in warm and humid areas (think bathroom, laundry room).

For a homemade cleaning agent, mix vinegar and baking soda together in a bottle spray. Apply the solution on the affected areas and leave for an hour. After waiting, scrub with a brush to remove the mould. Use water to rinse the area.

3. Hoover your carpet regularly

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Achoo! A familiar sound to those with allergies. Dust is not only irritating but also weakens our immune system. Give carpets a once-over with the hoover regularly. And consider hiring professionals once a year to do a deep clean.

4. Change cleaning products regularly

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Did you know that your sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet? You read that right.

In fact, your dishcloth and sink harbour many fugitive germs and bacteria. Change your sponge once a week so it doesn’t gather too much harmful bacteria. Give your dishcloth a wash once a week. And disinfect the sink thoroughly. You’ll have a clean bill of health in no time.

5. Cleaning hands and surfaces while cooking

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Food contamination means harmful bacteria from raw meat can travel to surfaces and our food. Don’t neglect to wash your hands and keep surfaces clean after using them. Keeping on top of your kitchen hygiene is the best way on how to prevent being sick.

6. Keep containers with chemicals securely closed and stored in a ventilated area

If you do a lot of DIY, then it’s likely there will be a lot of solvents, paints and other cleaning or decorative products with harsh chemicals. Make sure the lids are securely fastened. Many people often ask how to prevent being sick when they don’t store these types of containers in areas away from the living area.

7. Repair or replace damaged older building materials

Many homes may have been built with asbetos for insulation, or lead piping. Both of these materials can be very unsafe to live in if the materials are damaged. Call a professional to remove or repair these areas.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong