Whale dies with 40kg of plastic waste found in stomach near Davao City

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Reducing plastic use is not about doing everything, it's about doing something.

A dead whale washed up in the Davao Gulf with over 40kg of plastic found in its stomach. Workers from the D’Bone Collector Museum recovered the Cuvier beaked whale east from Davao City earlier in March. There were over 16 rice sacks and a mixture of non-biodegradable plastic bags found in the stomach. Marine biologist and owner of D’Bone Collector Museum, Darrel Blatchley, advised 57 whales and dolphins have died in the past 10 years due to plastic garbage that poisoned their stomachs. We can play our part in helping our environment from our own homes and use less plastic overall to protect our planet. Here are simple suggestions on how to reduce the use of plastic bags.

5 easy ways on how to reduce the use of plastic bags

1. Say no to plastic bags

how to reduce the use of plastic bags

If you need to use a single-use bag, choose cardboard or paper instead | Image | Pexels

Supermarkets can hand out single-use plastic bags like candy! Even if they offer, you can refuse to use them to carry your groceries. It’s a simple way on how to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Single-use plastic bags can take 1,000 years to degrade. More of these types of plastic that are used increase the risk of them ending up in the oceans and affecting the wildlife and aquatic creatures.

But what do you use to carry your shopping if there aren’t any plastic bags, you might ask?

2. Bring your own shopping bag

how to reduce the use of plastic bags

Image | Pexels

One of the simplest ways on how to reduce the use of plastic bags is to bring your own recyclable shopping bags. Investing in sturdier bags that survive multiple uses means you can easily say no to single-use plastic bags and carry the shopping without concern.

Leave them in the boot of your car so there’s no excuse for the next time you go shopping.

They come in all sorts of designs and colours for additional fashion points.

3. Recycle them

There will be recycling centres that will accept all sorts of single-use plastics like bags and bottles. If you have existing plastic bags, then you can recycle them here or give them to charities that will have multiple uses for them.

4. Shop at certain places

If you’re considering how to reduce the use of plastic bags, then you can think further ahead and make a conscious decision to shop at certain stores that charge for plastic bags. You’ll save money and also contribute towards keeping non-biodegradable products out of the environment. There are zero waste stores in Manila that encourage this lifestyle.

5. Reuse your plastic bags

how to reduce the use of plastic bags

Image | Pinterest (@Instructables)

There are many ways to reuse plastic bags. They can line smaller garbage cans, impromptu gloves or used creatively in DIY projects.

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