Tough food stains and how to remove them

Tough food stains and how to remove themTough food stains and how to remove them

Don't give up hope on your favourite clothings if they get stains on them before you try these DIY cleaning solutions first!

There are not many other ways to ruin a good dinner with people you enjoy being around than staining your clothes with food or drink. Especially if that was your favourite dress or blouse. However, no matter how careful we are, accidents still happen. If prevention isn’t available, then the cure is just as good. Here is how to remove tough stains from clothes.

11 ways on how to remove tough stains from clothes

1. Red wine

how to remove tough stains from clothes

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Probably one of the most common reasons why people Google “how to remove tough stains from clothes.” The most common mistake people make is the scrub the stain. But that only makes it worse!

Instead, keep calm and dab a white cloth on it to soak up as much as you can. Alternatively, you can even use bread!

If you don’t have either on hand, throw some salt on the stain. The salt granules will soak up the stain just as well.

Then send it to dry clean as per normal and it’s like nothing happened!

2. Blood stains from periods

One thing no one looks forward to is clearing any leakage on your panties. If the stain sets in, you feel the need to chuck that pair away and shop for a new one.

But don’t fret! A bit of elbow grease can salvage the underwear. Just apply a bit of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and scrub away. You can add more hydrogen peroxide for a stubborn stain before you send it to launder.

If you can’t get your hands on hydrogen peroxide, you can soak vinegar on the stain for 15 minutes. But with this method, you’ll need to act fast.

3. Sweat stains on the collar

Your shirt isn’t fully clean if there’s still a ring of grime on the inside of your collar.

A solution made of equal parts lemon juice and water can be used to scrub the stain. It’ll loosen up the grime and you will notice the difference the next time you do a laundry load.

4. Lipstick

how to remove tough stains from clothes

Image | Pixabay

No judgement here on how you managed to get lipstick on your clothes!

If you’re in this predicament, then you’ll need to put some work in to salvage your clothing.

Carefully scrape off excess lipstick first. Then dab rubbing alcohol onto the stain. Make sure not to scrub it. After blotting it a few times, rinse it off with water and wash as normal.

5. Chocolate

how to remove tough stains from clothes

Image | Pexels

Chocolate is one of the toughest stains to deal with and causes a lot of headaches for people looking at how to remove tough stains from clothes.

The first thing you can do is to make the chocolate hard. It also prevents it from spreading further. You can put the clothing item in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.

Then get rid of excess chocolate. Apply a detergent directly onto the stain by using a toothbrush. After leaving it for 10 minutes, wash it out as normal in the washing machine.

6. Oil Stains

how to remove tough stains from clothes

Image | Pixabay

Oil-based stains like curries can leave a mark if not dealt with properly. Especially if there’s turmeric used in the curry since the spice can leave a stain on your skin as well!

Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent. Soak the stain in lemon juice with water for 15 minutes. Then wash it in a normal load.

7. Chewing gum

In case you get chewing gum on your clothes, you can easily remove it by applying hot vinegar for 3 minutes. Then remove the gum residue with a hot paper towel. Repeat these two steps until you’ve gotten rid of it all.

8. Coffee

how to remove tough stains from clothes

Image | Flickr

Drinking coffee can be great for your health. But it’s such a pain when you spill some on your clothes. Make a solution of vinegar (1/3 part) and water (2/3 parts). Soak the clothing in the solution and then launder as usual.

9. Mud

Kids will be kids. And playing outside will naturally lead to a few tumbles. When wondering how to remove tough stains from clothes, especially mud, then you’ll need to take caution when approaching cleaning it.

Once the mud has dried, remove the residual mud that’s caked there. Then use a detergent with water and hand wash the clothing. You can then throw it in the washing machine after all.

10. Ink

Sometimes a ballpoint pen might break in your pocket and lead to an unfortunate spill. But before you consider throwing the clothing away, you can try to salvage it.

Apply rubbing alcohol to the ink stain for up to 15 minutes. After that, blot the area with a cloth to absorb the ink. After you rinse it with water, you can send to launder as normal.

11. Foundation

how to remove tough stains from clothes

Image | Pexels

You might accidentally rub off some of your foundation on your shirt.

You’ll be surprised to know the way to get it out is by rubbing shaving cream on the affected area. After rubbing the area with water to create a lather. Rinse it off with water afterwards.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong