All the exciting things we know so far about IKEA Philippines

All the exciting things we know so far about IKEA PhilippinesAll the exciting things we know so far about IKEA Philippines

We still have a two-year wait ahead of us, but our excitement won't be waning anytime soon!

In case you haven't heard, IKEA is coming to the Philippines in the latter part of 2020! And as if we needed more reason to be excited about IKEA finally setting up shop on our side of the world, the Philippine store will also be IKEA's largest store in the world to date.

Here's what we found out during the official announcement at the Mall of Asia on November 20, Tuesday.

Here's 6 things you should know about the much awaited IKEA Philippines Opening

All the exciting things we know so far about IKEA Philippines

1. Shoppers will have over 9,000 items to choose from

From sofas and desks to candles and cookware, IKEA Philippines will offer quality homeware and furniture that stay true to their mission of creating "well-designed, functional home furnishing." Once they open in 2020, you can expect over 9,000 of these products to be made available, both in their megastore and online.

2. You can get IKEA purchases delivered right to your doorstep

The huge 65,000-square meter facility of IKEA Philippines store will house an e-commerce facility—a call centre and a large warehouse—that will allow you to order items online. Though the website is live, we can't shop just yet, as IKEA officials are still working out the specifics, along with home delivery and home transport service options.

3. Though shopping at the store will give you access to their popular meatballs

Aside from a spacious showroom, market hall, and self-serve warehouse, the IKEA Philippines opening will coincide with the launch of an in-store restaurant that will be serving tasty meals, including their beloved Swedish meatballs.

4. Their prices will be "lower than the competition"

Yes, you read that right. The furniture giant will stay true to the affordability they've been known for, as they strive to maintain the brand's accessibility to a wider range of consumers. Wallet-friendly, high-quality DIY furniture? We're on board.

5. The IKEA Philippines opening will pave the way for more jobs

Once it opens, around 500 people will have already been brought on board to help run the megastore. But the opportunities won't end there, as the multinational will be creating more spin-off jobs and business opportunities ahead of the anticipated launch.

6. The IKEA Philippines opening has been in the works for two years now

IKEA will be partnering with SM Supermalls, making them the mall chain's largest tenant to date.

But event before the much awaited announcement of the IKEA Philippines opening was made, a team had already been working tirelessly for the past two years, focusing on building a deep understanding of the Philippine market.

And though we still have a two-year wait ahead of us, our excitement won't be waning anytime soon!

For now, we can hang out at the newly minted official website before IKEA Philippines opens its doors.

lead image: IKEA Philippines website

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