5 clever interior designer tips from HGTV's Drew and Linda

5 clever interior designer tips from HGTV's Drew and Linda5 clever interior designer tips from HGTV's Drew and Linda

Want to beautify and upgrade your space? Here are simple home tips from the stars of the HGTV's Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House.

From a luxurious living room perfect for hosting guests, to the ultimate kitchen for cook-offs, a guest room fit for a king and a master bedroom made for romance, we all need a little help in making our homes a more inviting space. 

Ahead, design experts and newlyweds Drew Scott and Linda Phan—the stars of HGTV's Property Brothers: Honeymoon House—share some interior design rules and tips that will surely help you on your quest to making a house a home, whether you're designing your first place or upgrading your current space.

Interior Design Rules and Tips from Drew Scott and Linda Phan

interior design rules and tips

1. The devil is in the details

Don’t underestimate what the smallest things can do for your home. From having the right-type of patterned tiles for a bathroom or kitchen, to having the edges tiles lined up perfectly against your door, the smallest details complete an overall look.

In Drew and Linda’s kitchen, the design of their tiles match the crown moulding. Moulding is typically applied on the seams where ceilings meet walls so that it flares out to a nicely-finished top edge. This clever touch helped to finish up the entire look.

2. Let the room decide your furniture’s size and shape

In the couple’s dining room, Drew initially had plans for a big, round table. According to Drew, “you don’t hear about the knights of the oblong table”. However, as their house’s dining room is long and rectangular, they decided against a round table in the end as there would be no point. The shape would be lost in the long and rectangular dining space.

3. Let the pros do it

If you need to mud and drywall your home, don’t try to save the money by doing it yourself, instead, engage professionals to do it, according to Drew and Jonathan. The process can be overwhelming, and if non-professionals take it into their own hands, it will most definitely end up affecting the overall look of your home. Future buyers, too, can tell the difference, if you intend to sell the house in the future.

4. Don’t make life difficult for yourself

Drew and Jonathan want you to remember that renovations are supposed to improve your house. Make sure you’re not just doing a renovation for the fun. And ensure that what you want to add to your house will make your life easier, and not more complicated.

5. Decide on your key focus feature

This is an important question to ask – as your key focus feature is something which will helps to anchor your house. It could be the sofa, the dining table, or the TV console area.

With Drew and Linda’s new home, they chose the kitchen range and hood as the key focal point. It could come as an odd choice for some, but the black and vintage range they installed is a clear stunner.

Creating and designing your very own home can be an exciting yet equally stressful experience. The Property Brothers hear you – as they had just three months to turnaround Drew and Linda’s honeymoon home, ahead of their huge wedding party!

We hope these interior design tips from HGTV’s Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House [Mondays at 10pm on HGTV (Singtel TV CH250)] to help design your house the best way you can and to make it the place you’ll never want to leave.  

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