How to iron a dress shirt

How to iron a dress shirtHow to iron a dress shirt

Step by step how to iron a dress shirt

If you have a man in the house, chances are you will be ironing mens dress shirts every other day. But if you grew up wearing a shirt and a pinafore during school days, then you will know how that is like.

Whether you choose to iron mens dress shirts every day or do them in batches every week, here's a step by step guide to ensure crisp, wrinkle-free shirts every time.

Good tips when ironing mens dress shirts

  • Adjust the ironing board to fit your height.
  • Check if your steam iron needs any water. Top it up with boiled or distilled water to avoid your steam iron from clogging.
  • If you're using a regular iron without any steam functions, have a spray bottle of water ready. The reason for the spray bottle is to dampen the dress shirt before you iron it. Damp shirts are easier to iron and also ensures that you will be able to press all the wrinkles out effectively.
  • Using spray starch is optional, but it can help you achieve and maintain that crisp, wrinkle-free look.
  • Prepare some empty hangers.
  • Undo all the buttons

Check the laundry label

ironing mens dress shirts

Before you even start, read the laundry care label first to find out the heat setting for the shirt you are about to iron. If you are ironing mens dress shirts in batches, consider sorting the shirts from the lowest heat settings to the ones that can tolerate more heat.

Start with sleeves

ironing mens dress shirts

  1. Check you have the iron on and it is set at the right heat setting.
  2. Hold the shirt up vertically by the shoulder and one end of the sleeves.
  3. Place the sleeves flat on the ironing board and smooth it out with your hands.
  4. Spray some water or starch and start ironing from the top of the sleeves, carefully moving downwards towards the cuffs.
  5. Check that the cuffs are aligned neatly before you start ironing.
  6. You can apply more pressure when ironing the cuffs and don't forget to iron around the button.
  7. Flip the sleeves over and do the other side, but it should be easier this time around.

Next comes the collar

ironing mens dress shirts

  1. Place the collar of the shirt flat on to your ironing board.
  2. Spray on some starch or water.
  3. Apply some pressure when you're ironing the collar.
  4. Repeat with the other side before folding the collar in place and ironing the seams.

Ironing the front part of the shirt

ironing mens dress shirts

  1. Be sure to undo all buttons and drape just the front part of your shirt on your ironing board.
  2. Smooth out the creases with your hand before spraying the water or starch. Be mindful to iron between the buttons.
  3. Repeat with the other side.

Ironing the back of the dress shirt

ironing mens dress shirts

  1. Carefully place the shirt face side down with both sides hanging over the ironing board and spray with a bit of water or starch.
  2. Proceed to iron the back part of the shirt.
  3. Use your free hand to help you smooth any other creases and to stop you from creating new ones!

Hang them immediately


ironing mens dress shirts

Last but not least, hang them immediately and leave some space between each shirt to avoid further creasing.

There. That's not so bad, is it? There are additional products which you can add to your ironing board to make it better and more efficient. Some even claim that to cut your ironing time in half because you only need to iron one side of the clothes only. This is again optional and at your discretion, but we're old school and definitely think you can do without.

Written by

Rosanna Chio