Why loving cheese is good for your heart

Why loving cheese is good for your heartWhy loving cheese is good for your heart

As if we needed more reason to indulge!

In Asia, we have an array of fermented favourites, like tofu, kimchi, and miso. But because of the infusion of Western flavours and cuisines, cheese has easily become a great contender. But have you ever wondered: is cheese good for health?

It’s no secret that, aside from the fact that cheese is delicious, it’s also loaded with the good stuff, nutrients like calcium, and vitamins A and B-12. But it’s also a well known fact that cheese comes with a high level of saturated fats. This has been known to adversely affect heart health.

But a study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, begs to differ. Researchers found that eating about 40 grams or 1.41 ounces of cheese daily can help boost heart health, even reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Is cheese good for health? Cheese can help protect your heart, studies say

Why loving cheese is good for your heart

The study found that overweight, middle-aged adults who took part in the study only benefited from eating cheese. Full-fat cheese didn’t raise their cholesterol, as expected, but it actually did the opposite. Researchers arrived at these findings after the participants consumed full-fat cheddar cheese for a month and two weeks.

A similar study in the journal Nature Medicine found that the dietary compound spermidine, which is found in aged cheese, increased the lifespan of mice. They also found that it boosts heart health, much like other spermidine-containing foods like whole grains.

But this doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself on cheese with abandon…

is cheese good for health

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Of course, caution must be taken. These studies, though led by experts, have mostly been done on an observational basis and there is no concrete way to prove that their cheese consumption, and not other lifestyle factors, is directly responsible for improved heart health.

And as with all research, further studies are needed to cement their findings.

The next round of studies is still to be determined, and until then, we’ll be on standby to find out where to sign up as participants!

source: Medical News Today

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