Jollibee favourites Amazing Aloha Burger and Pancake Sandwich return to the menu

Jollibee favourites Amazing Aloha Burger and Pancake Sandwich return to the menu

Who's looking forward to a pineapple-beefy langhap-sarap burger?

Summer is fast approaching. You’re likely chugging down drinks to stay cool in a bid to not melt in the heat. But there are also certain meals that you have to eat during summer like Korean BBQ. Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha Burger and Pancake Sandwich used to be meals everyone looked forward to in the summer. You’d crave for them but feel sad when you remember it’s no longer available. But good news! Both Jollibee Aloha burger and all-in-one breakfast sandwich make a grand return to the menu!

Jollibee Aloha burger and pancake sandwich back for the summer

Summer flavours are packed in the crowd favourite Jollibee Aloha burger. You can look forward to crispy bacon strips with melted cheese and a generous serving of honey mustard dressing on top of a juicy beef patty. Add to that a pineapple ring for sweetness and texture for a welcome addition (unlike pineapple on pizza, but that’s a topic for another day!)

jollibee aloha burger

Image | Facebook screengrab (@jollibeephilippines)

The Amazing Aloha Burger is on sale since April, 1 at all Jollibees across the country. The Jollibee Aloha burger is available for Php85 for a single patty, or Php115 if you’re craving your meat. We can’t imagine a better summer meal when you’re trying to cool down in the heat.

jollibee aloha burger

Image | Jollibee

And let’s not forget about the Pancake Sandwich! Not much beats the timeless combination of eggs, cheese and bacon (because bacon is life). Except when you house them between two fluffy and buttery pancakes! It’s a Php5 upgrade from the newly-introduced Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Sandwich. The only difference is in the choice of bread. Try the ultimate breakfast bap for Php55.

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Vinnie Wong