7 Jollijeep food stalls in Makati city that you have to visit

7 Jollijeep food stalls in Makati city that you have to visit

The central business district has a lot of great culinary experiences to offer and jollijeep food is definitely one of them.

Amid the towering buildings and wide array of restaurants in Makati, you’ll find Jollijeeps. The charming food stalls that pepper the bustling business district not only offer meals that are affordable but pretty tasty, too!

After we found out that you can now have the famous Sisig of Rada Street Makati delivered right to your doorstep via the Grab Food app, we found ourselves craving some Jollijeep food and these stalls are truly the ones that came to mind.

Here’s why you should check them out.

Jollijeep Food: 7 Must Visit Food Stalls

1. Sisig sa Rada Jollijeep Food

This is possibly the most popular Jollijeep for Makati’s lunch crowd. As early as 11 am, lines start to form all the way down Rada Street. One bite of their bestselling sisig is all it takes to understand why.

Sisig sa Rada is perfectly seasoned, with a pleasantly meaty flavour and crunchy texture. It’s also tossed with a fried egg, making it even more filling. You can also have it spicy, too!

2. Stella Gamboa’s Jollijeep Food

If home style cooking is your thing, check out the Jollijeep food of Stella Gamboa. Her stall, located in front of the Mini-Stop along Palanca street, serves up some great comfort food, like breaded porkchop.

3. Mang Lirio’s Jollijeep Food

Craving unique Jollijeep food? This stall, which is also located along Palanca Street, is the place to go. Their bestsellers include fish fillet with tartar sauce, roast beef with gravy, baked chicken, and Gambas Al Ajillo.

Mang Lirio’s also offers some breakfast choices that aren’t your typical Jollijeep fare, like French toast.

jollijeep food

4. Dela Rosa Jollijeep Food

Along Dela Rosa Access Road 2, there is a Jollijeep stall known for their delicious take on the Filipino favourite Lechon kawali. On the same street you can also find other jollijeep staples like pancit canton, hotdogs, kwek-kwek, and bananacue. And other more unique finds like mango tapioca.

5. Valero Access Road Jollijeep Food

Though their menu often changes, you can count on a constantly tasty lineup. They have offered dishes like kare-kare and lengua as well as the street food staple isaw. Of course, their dishes come with a generous serving of white rice.

6 Leviste Jollijeep Food

Venture behind Mercury drug in Leviste and you will find this Jollijeep stall. Their specialty? A creamy, rich lengua bathed in a rich mushroom gravy. Aside from their tasty lengua, they also serve some traditional Pampangueño food like dinakdakan.

7. PBCom tower Jollijeep food

Right behind PBCom tower, which is located on Ayala Avenue corner V.A. Rufino street, you will find a Jollijeep stall that serves up aromatic, flavourful beef pares and hearty arroz caldo.

Have you tried Jollijeep food? Let us know what you think we should add to this list in the comments below!

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Bianchi Mendoza