15 Kitchen trends for the new year

15 Kitchen trends for the new year15 Kitchen trends for the new year

Marble is in, granite is out, and green is all the rage!

When you want to renovate your house, the kitchen can be one of the hardest areas to get right. You might worry about how to keep your cooking area sleek and chic at the same time. Furthermore, there’s the matter of how to have enough storage space not sticking out like a sore thumb. Here are some kitchen design trends that are popular for 2019 for you to draw inspiration from.

15 kitchen design trends 

1. Kitchen islands

kitchen design trends

Image | Instagram screengrab (@kitchen_posts_daily)

These centrepieces have been increasing in popularity over the past decade. And for good reason! These standalone tables ended up having multiple uses. It’s excellent as an extra work station to keep raw meat away from other ingredients. But we found it’s an excellent source of storage, as you can have a mixture of open shelves and concealed drawers to keep your cookware. It also serves as a natural partition between the kitchen and other areas, which is great if you have an open floor plan.

2. Concealed storage

One of the most practical kitchen design trends for 2019 is concealed storage. Maximising space to the fullest, you can keep your plates or pans away without sacrificing the streamlined look of the kitchen.

3. Open shelving

kitchen design trends

Image | Pinterest / Trendhmdcr

Previously, it was common for everything to be covered up and only opening our drawers and cabinets when necessary. However, the trend that continues to grow in 2019 is displaying decorative items to express yourself and imprint your personality on your kitchen.

4. Feature furniture

Amongst a backdrop of a clean kitchen replete with neutral colours, furniture with coloured upholstery is becoming more popular. Like an accent wall, furniture with a single shade of colour can breathe life and give character to your kitchen.

5. Integrated appliances

kitchen design trends

Image | Unsplash

This might not necessarily be the newest of the kitchen design trends, but having integrated appliances continues to be popular. Thanks to technology advancing so quickly, appliances that are half the size of the very first models can now be built into walls and merge seamlessly in with the kitchen’s layout.

6. Raw materials

Having a tabletop made from wood or miscellaneous items like placemats made from bamboo can do wonders in creating a calming and zen-like atmosphere. Using raw materials establishes a connection with nature and can bring the outdoors in.

7. Green cabinetry

kitchen design trends

Image | Instagram screengrab (@colorreader)

One of the most exciting kitchen design trends making waves is the use of green on kitchen cabinetry. Darker shades like hunter green give depth, warmth and a sense of luxury to the kitchen.

8. Different textures

Incorporating different textures can help create a layered urban feel or a luxurious palace-like grandeur.

9. Single-slab splashbacks

kitchen design trends

Image | Pinterest / Micasa

Splashbacks are becoming more popular beyond their practical uses. The towering single-slab units can double as a wonderful wall accent separate from the adjacent wallpaper.

10. Technology

We’ve already mentioned technology advancing. And smart kitchens are on the rise of kitchen design trends. Appliances can be controlled by your phone and sync together with your calendar! We expect to see more innovative electronics transforming our kitchens and how we interact with them.

11. Black matte finish

kitchen design trends

Image | Pinterest / Homify.es

Having certain appliances with a black matte finish leaves it feeling smart without overpowering the kitchen decor with a gloominess. It instead helps to bring out the best of the surrounding colours. And the texture is crisp to the touch.

12. Minimalism

Keeping all your items, dishware and cookware out of sight is essential to keep your kitchen looking clean and open. Having your cupboards and cabinets lined up with straight edges brings uniformity and enhances the minimalist vibe.

13. Customised storage

kitchen design trends

Image | Pinterest / Bespoke Storage

Own the kitchen – if you’re struggling to work around the spaces, make bespoke storage that suits you. Pull-out pantries and concealed storage are all the rage, as it allows you to keep things in one place and access with ease.

14. Marble counters

Marble continues to be going strong, even after all this time. The veins and texture add that touch of class. However, granite is dwindling in popularity as the material risks making your kitchen look bland.

15. Blending old and new


Bringing modern elements together with traditional features is one of the common kitchen design trends everyone tries. The trend seems to be bringing in individual pieces of furniture, rather than entire sets. This lets you chop and change as you see fit, adding and taking away pieces that no longer match the schemes.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong