7 ideas to create more storage space with kitchen shelving

7 ideas to create more storage space with kitchen shelving7 ideas to create more storage space with kitchen shelving

You don't have to compromise storage space for style!

Quick! Hide all the odd bits and bobs like stray towels and coasters before people come and visit! But wait…there’s not enough storage space! To save yourself this headache while you declutter your home and kitchen, try out these kitchen shelving ideas to combine style and storage in one go.

kitchen shelving ideas

1. Open storage dresser

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | Share Dessert Co

Love the idea of a dresser but don’t have the room for a full unit? Consider installing just the top half. Leaving it open allows you to place a mixture of decorative ornaments towards the upper spaces while leaving the bottom half for commonly used dishware.

2. Use corners to the fullest

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | Instagram screengrab (@housetwohome)

When we think of kitchen shelving ideas, we commonly neglect the corners of the house. But these little pockets of space can be used effectively! Installing shelves that are joined can extend existing shelves, or can be standalone ledges to show off decorative items.

3. Double up on shelving

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | Instagram screengrab (@studiomcgee)

If you have space, then install another shelf above! A popular alternative among kitchen shelving ideas is cubby shelving. It creates a distinct separation between two layers but also lets you maximise space. You can install lighting to highlight items inside the cubby shelves.

4. Place cupboards across the wall

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | Style by Emily Henderson

You might already have cupboards in strategic places but find there’s not enough storage space. How about installing cupboards that continue to cover the rest of the wall? If space is not being used, then it’s fair game to tastefully install new shelving!

5. Install drying racks as shelves

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | MakeSpace

If there’s space above or near your sink, then you can save valuable tabletop space but installing a hanging drying rack on the wall.

6. Inject some life with some colour

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | Country Living

A trending option for kitchen shelving ideas is to make space without installing any! You may have the cupboard storage already installed. When you give the inside of the cupboards a coat of paint, you create a new layer of depth. And it looks great with the right ornaments there!

7. Hanging storage

kitchen shelving ideas

Image | Chr DAUER Architects

While not strictly a shelf, it’s still valid storage space! Don’t worry if you’ve run out of wall space. Hanging shelves from the roof can create a unique look and offer more space to keep dishware, or just hang your most beautiful ornaments on display.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong