Remember this simple trick for peace of mind before you go on holiday

Remember this simple trick for peace of mind before you go on holidayRemember this simple trick for peace of mind before you go on holiday

Worried you left the gas stove on? Once you start building this habit, you'll never worry again!

Imagine this: You’re onboard the plane, stow your hand luggage under the seat in front of you and then a harrowing thought comes to the forefront of your attention: You left the gas stove on.

You try so hard to remember and you even convince yourself you didn’t. And as you debate with your spouse whether you did or did not, more questions spring up: Did you turn off the fan? Did we lock the front door? Did I unplug the iron? Anxiety creeps in even more and now, all you can think of is: “Something is wrong, we have to go back.”

But then the seatbelt sign turns on and your plane takes off. 

Oh, the horror!

We’ve all been there—asking all these questions while on our way to our holiday trip, thinking something is wrong and if we don’t go back our house would have either been robbed or burned down. But according to Lifehacker—there’s a simple trick you can do to never ever let these worries ruin your vacations in the future.

Here’s a simple life hack to prevent you from worrying if left the gas stove on… or anything else, really.

forgot to turn off iron or oven

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So the key to enjoying your holiday without having these worries is to take a picture. Really. It’s that simple!

This might sound silly at first. Why should you take a picture of your household appliances? Do they hold that much sentimental value?

Well, unless someone is house-sitting for you, your home will be left alone. So whatever state you leave it in after you close that front door and hop on a cab will be final until you return.

But that also means you can have peace of mind! Because if while on your holiday those niggling worries crop up, those pictures will serve as a firm reminder that you did turn the oven off. 

Why would this work??

We are creatures of habit. As we look after our home, we get into a routine of tidying up and making sure everything is in its proper place. And this is certainly a good thing!

However, with so many things to check, it can be hard to remember if you turned everything off. It’s very normal to have these questions of doubt crop up, even on short trips to the store across the street or to work everyday. 

But with this small but handy tip, you’ll never forget if you turn off the iron, stove, or electrical appliances again!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong