13 Living room design tips for small spaces

13 Living room design tips for small spaces13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Open up your space with our tips for small living room design

You might not notice this, but the majority of us actually spend a lot of time in the living room. Whether it is to spend time with family, or just to chill and have guests over, the living room is the most used space in your entire home.

When you factor in all these things, then you would realise the importance of a good living room design. Not only must it be practical, but it should also provide a sense of hominess and comfort.

Designing any room would certainly have varying challenges, but having a smaller space makes this so much harder. Here are some tips and inspirations to help you create an illusion of a big space.

Living room design inspiration for small spaces

1. Choose small-scale furniture

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @housetohomestyling

Not every living room design must include bulky sofas and armchairs. In fact, stools that are stackable or hidden away is a better bet. There is really no need to clutter up a small space.

2. Invest in multi-functional furniture

Invest in multi-functional furniture like sofabeds, or like this corner table that doubles as a stool. When you have so little space to work with, you would want to maximise the functions of the furniture you already have.

3. Decorate vertically

living room design

Image credit @thedesignchaser

Decorating vertically is much better because it draws the eye upward. What this does is help give the illusion of a bigger room that is grander than it really is.

4. Use built-in furniture

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @brighthousedesigns

Built-in types of furniture are amazing because they provide you storage space without all the clutter. They also give your living room a more overall organised look by following a set theme instead of having bits and bobs of random furniture.

5. Factor in textural pieces

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @mamaisonmunich

Do not underestimate the importance of adding textures, focal decor and even small plants. Even small additions here and there can add so much more depth to a simple and small living room design.

6. Use lighting to your advantage

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @theluxeabode

Play around with lightning and use it to showcase your focal things. Whether using an overhanging light or directional track lights, you can also use lighting to draw the eyes upwards to display shelves and paintings you have on your wall.

7. Use that space under your stairs

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @zephyr_and_stone

Make a simple daybed or cosy little nook to curl up with some books. Or why not just utilise the entire space and make it into a bookshelves library? A hidden storage space would be great too, as long as that space is fully utilised and not wasted.

8. Maximise storage potential

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @lovemacarlo

When you have the luxury of high ceilings, be sure to make full use of it. Check out these floor to ceiling shelves for books!

9. Use mirrors and wallpaper

living room design

Image credit @zioandsons

If your living room design is making you feel boxed in, try playing with mirrors. Not only does it add more light when placed opposite a window, but it also gives the illusion of a bigger space when you have a tiny room.

11. Use corners for bulky items

living room design

Image credit @oliv.home

Shove bulky furniture into corners to reduce clutter. Bigger plants, display cabinets and a reading corner are all great examples of fully utilising that added space you have in the corner.

12. Try a backless sofa and an open-plan space

living room design

Image credit @bluegrapestaging

Nothing opens up your living room design better than an open plan layout. Adding a backless sofa will provide more seating options for your guest without them feeling boxed in.

13. Try some see-through furniture

13 Living room design tips for small spaces

Image credit @plexicraft

See-through pieces of furniture are great because unlike conventional furniture, it won’t visually obstruct your living room space. Take for example this gorgeous acrylic coffee table. It doesn’t have to be made out of glass for it to be an amazing addition to your living room design.

Maximising small living spaces may require you splurge a little bit more in the beginning. But when you put a little more thought into it, it will all be worth it in end. Share your before and after pictures with us!

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Written by

Rosanna Chio