Your not so traditional local favourites with a unique twist!

Your not so traditional local favourites with a unique twist!

Singapore's local iconic foods revamped!

If you’re one of the locals then it is inbred in you to love your local food. And believe me, Singapore definitely have some firm local favourites that we all know so dearly and grown up with. But what if we say these local favourites still taste the same but have been given a new twist? Would you still try them?

And we’re talking firm-firm favourites like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Chilli Crab, Nasi Lemak, Satay sauce, you get the drill.  You see, there are some people who will die-die eat it how it was traditionally prepared. Purist we call them. But there are also the more relaxed and adventurous few who will give anything a go. Question is, which one are you?

Local food: Same-same but different

1. Chicken Rice Pizza

Your not so traditional local favourites with a unique twist!

Image credit | Pezzo

Enjoy your favourite chicken rice in a form of a pizza! Recently Pezzo launched their newest addition to their menu: a Hainanese Chicken Rice Pizza! No more fork and spoons people! Just fold and bite!

2. Satay Burger

Your not so traditional local favourites with a unique twist!

Image credit | jaimestridenttan

Why does it always have to be meat with buns? But whoever who came up with that is brilliant, including this satay burger that you can get at Hawker QSR at Esplanade Mall. Those fresh onions look delish with that marinated meat!

3. Chicken Rice Sushi

local food

Image credit | Roost

How about having your favourite local food deconstructed and revamped into a sushi? Check our Roost’s chicken rice sushi! No more yanking the chicken with your spoon and fork into bite-sized pieces so that you can have a bit of everything all on one spoon. Now you can enjoy the medley of flavours all in one mouthful.

4. Nasi Lemak Burger

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Image credit | hawker_qsr

Imagine eating your nasi lemak with two hands and not one! With no one ridiculing you about not knowing the proper way to eat with your hands. This nasi lemak is assembled just like a burger complete with sambal, fried egg, chicken, cucumber and compacted rice to replace the buns. Get them at Hawker QSR at Esplanade Mall.

5. Laksa Pizza

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Image credit | justeatloh

Love laksa but also love pizza? Then have them both with Pizzaexpress’s laksa pizza! Thin crust with all the seafood toppings and slathered in laksa gravy! Enjoy the crunch along with the flavour you grew up with.

6. Pork Floss Churros

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What other local food favourites that are being enjoyed in a whole new style? It is none other than Churreria La Lola and their pork floss churros! Savoury and sweet with a little bit of crunch from the fried batter. Eat now, think of the calories later.

7. Chilli Crab Burger

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Image credit | pawadee12

There’s nothing more iconic that screams Singapore’s local food more than chilli crab. Even the non-locals would eagerly soak up all the delicious chilli sauce with fried bread. But you can enjoy a burger version of this deliciousness if you head on over to Artistry. You’ll be soaking up the sauce with your fries!

8. Chicken Rice Popcorn

local food

Image credit | The Kettle Gourmet

Feeling peckish but not hungry? Then enjoy your favourite local food in a form of a snack! Try Kettle’s newly launched flavoured popcorn to satisfy those cravings! Light and fluffy and still hitting all the right spots when it comes to flavour.

9. Teh Tarik Ice Cream

local food

Image credit | chrisssyl_im

Let’s not forget about a favourite local drink! Of course, Teh Tarik is already awesome on its own. But think about enjoying it in the form of ice cream on a really hot day. And you certainly can because you can grab yours at Island Creamery. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

10. Teh Tarik Popcorn


local food

Image credit | The Kettle Gourmet


And since we already have Teh Tarik ice cream, why not throw in some Teh Tarik popcorn too. Crunchy, sweet with a milk tea taste lingering on your tongue, snack in the office during breaks and imagine yourself at a kopitiam.

Would you try any of these recreations of your local food favourites? Did we miss out any? Let us know in the comment box below! We would love to hear from you.

Written by

Rosanna Chio