Expect sparks when love and Feng Shui meet!

Expect sparks when love and Feng Shui meet!Expect sparks when love and Feng Shui meet!

Post-New Year’s resolutions, sweating at the gym and decluttering of the home, we can look forward to a month that’s full of festivity, joy and most of all, love.

This year, both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fall in one month, therefore we’ve decided to marry two very prominent topics during these festivities together for an exciting month ahead.

February is all about love and Feng Shui.

And when love and Feng Shui meet, it can lead to pleasant surprises! This month we will help you bring love to your life the Feng Shui-way! Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a Feng Shui guru to make changes that will encourage positive energy flowing throughout your home.

How love and Feng Shui can come together for a more comfortable home and a better you

love and feng shui

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With Chinese New Year lasting over half the month, you can usher in the season of love beginning with your family.

As you’ll be eating reunion dinner, make sure you book in advance at some of the most popular restaurants that serve auspicious dishes.

After the fireworks, come the visitations. Make sure you’re up to scratch with the CNY customs so you don’t offend anyone! It also works both ways, as people will visit your house (if you choose to open it). Before people step foot inside your humble abode, you can declutter your home with these simple Feng Shui tips and have it spotless in a day!

Make sure to hang beautiful decorations up as well! Lanterns, fans and small ornaments can beautify your place, while ushering in prosperity for the new year. In fact, you can even make your own decorations using spare or unwanted red packets!

Simple additions like installing a mirror not only circulate good energy but also makes the space look bigger! Furthermore, hiding items with sharp edges like knives mean you won’t be cutting your fortune. You can spread the love and Feng Shui your home to not only welcome other people but also take care of yourself.

A core principle of Feng Shui is ensuring there is no clutter. Which does wonders for your wellbeing, as it can cause us to worry a lot. Don’t stress, we’re here to help.

Impress your guests with delicious CNY snacks made with good Feng Shui

love and feng shui

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Make sure you have the essential Chinese New Year snacks available for your guests! People will happily munch through pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit and bak kwa if you have them available. You can even opt for pig-themed food items to celebrate the season on point!

If you have time, you can even make your own luxury snacks! Frying your own salted egg chips can also be healthier since you decide what goes into the cooking.

If you decide to cook main dishes that people can dig into, consider cooking on the stove as it represents wealth.

The dishes you cook shouldn’t be too strong in flavours. This applies to both ends of the spectrum of savoury and sweet marinades. As Feng Shui is about balance, whatever you cook should be harmonious in taste. It’s also a good opportunity to make healthy alternatives for Chinese New Year snacks like grilled chicken skewers.

Don’t be afraid to cook dishes that smell great. Aroma is a big part of Feng Shui, since smells travel throughout the house and play a large role in setting the ambiance.

Anticipate love and Feng Shui your home to hope for better things

love and feng shui

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Even when Chinese New Year passes, we can still bring the love and Feng Shui to keep bringing positivity and happiness in our lives. After all, love isn’t just restricted to couples!

To begin with, you can take care of yourself! Squeeze in some exercise to help you burn off some of the extra calories from Chinese New Year with some walking. This might mean taking the stairs instead of waiting for the lift. You’ll look and feel better so the extra work will be worth it!

Improving your diet can also go a long way towards improving self-love. Having a balanced meal with more veggies and less meat and dairy can do wonders for your waistline. Plus, having a variety of foods will leave you feeling better about yourself, as studies show!

Valentine’s Day is looming. Even if you aren’t attached, you can make small adjustments to invite love and create an air of romance. Prepare your house with simple Feng Shui tips to enjoy the company if it heads that way.

Again, make sure you’ve decluttered and made as much space as possible. After all, having the space for two people already allows another person to be with you, instead of feeling cramped.

And speaking of cramped spaces, move images of your family out of the room. You don’t want a picture of your mother or siblings staring at you while passions are running high!

As for colour, you can also change to bed sheets with neutral colours. Warm tones invite romance.

Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy in your house. If you still have belongings from your ex, it’s time to throw them out. Things that spark sadness aren’t conducive towards a loving environment. And c’mon they’re an ex for a reason!

Are you ready to welcome wholesome love and Feng Shui in your life?

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Written by

Vinnie Wong