26 Malaysian breakfast meals to try

26 Malaysian breakfast meals to try26 Malaysian breakfast meals to try


Malaysians love their cuisine so much that to hear the word “makan” or eat is a daily norm. With Malay, Chinese, Indian roots, a mixture of cooking techniques and interesting cross culture dishes is present all over Malaysia. Most of their meals can be enjoyed any time of the day but here are Malaysian breakfasts that you can try to start your day right!

26 Yummy Malaysian Breakfasts

1. Nasi Lemak

Nasi which literally means rice is a staple on Malaysian diet. Hawkers selling this dish can be seen every morning along the streets of Malaysia. Traditional nasi lemak is rice infused with coconut milk which is then wrapped in pandan leaves which gives it an aromatic effect when eaten. It comes with sambal, ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts and boiled eggs etc.

2. Roti Canai

Also called as Roti Prata in Singapore, it is a flat-bread with Indian roots. It traces its roots to India and is served in mamak stalls which are a favourite hang out place by locals.

Roti Canai is usually plain so it is served with different types of curry on the side, or cooked with other ingredients like meat, egg, or cheese.

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3. Roti Bakar

This is Malaysia’s egg and toast version. Soft cooked eggs are mixed with pepper and some soy sauce with a pair of coco jam- filled toasted bread on the side. Top it off with a chunk of butter for perfection!

4. Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik or pulled tea completes a Malaysian breakfast, however, you can have this any time of the day! Black tea is mixed with sweet condensed milk and then poured back and forth through two containers which give it a frothy top. The objective of this act is to mainly cool down the hot tea but the added flavour is something that makes the effort worth it!

5. Dim Sum

A favorite dish enjoyed by many! Dim sums will surely give you a lot of options and is best eaten fresh from the small bamboo steamer baskets. Have fun eating dim sum with tea for breakfast!

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6. Soft-boiled eggs

Order soft-boiled eggs at any kopitiam and it will be served in their shells, with soy sauce and white pepper powder on the side. Crack them open in a bowl, add soy sauce and pepper according to your taste and enjoy one of the easiest Malaysian breakfasts!

7. Curry puffs

Much like empanadas, curry puffs are small fried pastry stuffed with curry potatoes or chicken and sealed with a braid. Best solution if you need to have breakfast on the go!

8. Apam Balik

Malaysians added a native touch to their pancakes as they stuff theirs with either nut, sweetcorn, or chocolate sauce and then flipped to seal everything in.

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9. Nasi kunyit

Yellow, sticky, and tasty! The secret to this dish is turmeric. Nasi Kunyit is best eaten with chicken curry.

10. Tosai

A thin, long, and crepe-like meal which looks big but is actually light for your tummy! It is nicely partnered with curry or yogurt on the side. Great option for vegans trying out Malaysian breakfasts!

11. Kaya toast

Enjoy a coconut jam filled toasted bread with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and soft-cooked eggs on the side for breakfast! This will surely get you out of your bed! Kaya toast is a crowd favorite as you can order it to any kopitiam.

12. Wantan mee

A breakfast noodle that you can eat to brighten up your day! It is served with oyster sauce, wonton dumplings, slices of roasted pork and a rich hot broth.

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13. Otak-otak

Otak which means “brains” in Malay is a grilled fish cake made from fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices wrapped inside a banana leaf. This dish resembles the whitish grey, soft and squishy quality of brains thus the quirky name was used for it. Yikes!

14. Noodle Soup

Enjoy a hearty bowl of noodle as one of your Malaysian breakfasts! This is made by cooking ginger, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, garlic, star anise, chicken, mushroom, fish sauce, and noodles in broth.

15. Chicken Rendang

This is a chicken stew with a Malay-Indonesian origin. It is a dry curry chicken dish with deep flavor from different spices and cream from coconut milk. 

16. Congee

Plain rice porridge or congee will surely warm up your tummy for an action-packed day! This hearty bowl of rice is topped with spring onions, fried shallots, pepper and soy sauce. You can add your choice of meat cut or boiled egg to turn it into a full meal.

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17. Malaysian Mee Goreng

Stir-fried noodles or mee goreng is a typical Malaysian food that you can have for breakfast. It can be sold by hawkers at the busy streets of Malaysia or cooked by moms at home.

Traditional mee goreng comes with vegetables, tofu, egg, yellow noodles, and choice of meat or seafood, whichever is available.

18. Puttu

It is made of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. Puttu is called puto bumbong in the Philippines and is best enjoyed during the early mornings of Christmas season.

19. Vadai

Vadai is a savoury snack made from a mixture of soaked and fermented pulses (chickpeas, black gram, yellow pigeon peas) pounded into a fine paste, chopped onions, green chilies, cumin seeds, curry leaves, and salt.

It is then deep fried in oil, until crispy on the outside, in the shape of a doughnut or moulded into a ball while wrapped in banana leaves. 

20. Putu mayam

Putu mayam or Idiyappam is a traditional dish from India. It is made from rice flour press into noodle form and then steamed. You can enjoy it with either your choice curry flavor or grated coconut with brown sugar.

21. Uttapam

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, please! Uttapam is a pizza-shaped dish made from the same ingredients used to cook thosai. It is thicker as it has veggies sprinkled on top and some curry on the side.

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22. Idli

Idli are tasty pillow-like rice flour goodies that taste best with Dhal or curry on the side.

23. Bombay toast

It is the Asian version of French toast as spices and vegetables are added to make the usual sweet and savoury flavor into a more interesting one for your taste buds!

24. Rava Thosai

This is like your regular thosai, which is a rice-based Indian delicacy, but it has semolina added into it and is not fermented.

25. Chapati

Chapati is an Indian flatbread which is made from wheat flour and water that is served with lentil curry or any flavour of your choice. This is an ideal Malaysian breakfast for those who want something really light.

26. Poori

Poori is an Indian inspired unleavened deep-fried bread that is usually served for breakfast. It comes with tasty curry, potato gravy and dhal.

Above are some of the Malaysian breakfasts that you can enjoy in the morning or at any time of day to make it better!  

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