Singapore citizen nearly chokes on metal object in Chinese New Year snack

Singapore citizen nearly chokes on metal object in Chinese New Year snack

Let this be a reminder to chew slowly!

Everyone’s homes will be flooded with some kind of Chinese New Year snack. But Ms Foo Yen Pyng discovered an unpleasant and shocking surprise as she was eating hers.

Sharp metal object found in Chinese New Year snack

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The 48-year-old Singaporean was eating her kok zai (a peanut puff) when she bit into something hard and sharp. She immediately spat out the object and was horrified to find a coiled piece of metal in her Chinese New Year snack.

Ms Foo shared that if she wasn’t chewing slowly, she may have suffered an injury. “I was so surprised… Had I not been chewing slowly, I could have swallowed it!”

She explained that her 76-year-old father bought the kok zai from a Giant supermarket at Block 316B Ang Mo Kio Street 31.

A Giant spokesman responded to this incident that food safety and quality control are taken very seriously. And in their statement, they shared that further checks were conducted on other batches.

“We immediately conducted a random check on a similar batch of the product at the store but no similar issues were found.”

Giant has removed the product from all of its stores after the incident. Their spokesman also shared that they were working with their distributor and supplier for further investigations.

The customer received an apology and Giant confirmed they are arranging a refund.

Mavis Ong, head of Customer Service for Dairy Farm Singapore, Giant, emailed Ms Foo personally to explain the next steps.

“Please allow us some time to conduct a full inquiry and follow up with you on Monday,” stated Ms Ong in her email sent on Saturday.

Furthermore, Ms Foo said she has reported the incident to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). The AVA confirmed receiving the complaint and advised they are looking further into the Chinese New Year snack incident.

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Vinnie Wong