7 ways to make your apartment seem like a mansion

7 ways to make your apartment seem like a mansion7 ways to make your apartment seem like a mansion

It doesn't need to be a complete overhaul - start by changing your mindset

Living in an apartment offers the challenge of feeling cramped in your living spaces. But what if we told you that there’s a way to expand your apartment space just by changing the interior design? If you’re looking to get the most space out of your apartment, then check out our suggestions for modern small apartment design ideas.

Modern small apartment design ideas with Asian-themed interiors

1. Have soft textures for your feet

modern small apartment design

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The physical feel of your place is just as important as the aesthetic quality. Asian homes are typically inviting and welcoming. And there’s nothing else that creates a cosy atmosphere than soft materials. It could be as simple as placing a soft rug under your coffee table or near the entrance.

2. Use neutral colours

Bright colour schemes are fun and loud. But they can draw attention to certain areas and increase awareness of how little space you have. On the other hand, neutral colours are warm, inviting and laid-back. And furthermore, the calming effect helps your apartment feel uncluttered (just make sure you declutter the place as well!)

3. Get in tune with nature

modern small apartment design

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Being confined in four walls of concrete is as far away from being in touch with nature as possible. What a huge difference a well-placed plant pot or series of plants can make. Not only do they broaden the colour palette in your home, but they stimulate all your other senses to bring the outdoors in. An essential but underrated feature of a modern small apartment design is the humble plant.

4. Use organic materials

Replace your glass coasters and placemats with bamboo substitutes. The natural wooden element brings about a calming effect.

5. Less is more

modern small apartment design

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Asian designs typically have a zen-like ambiance. And having too many items shouting for your attention can make your apartment feel cramped when you’re unsure where to look. For a modern small apartment design that’s Asian-inspired, aim to put away as many things out of sight that aren’t in use at the time.

6. Simple is best

Furniture should be simple in their design. Neutral colours harmonise well with surrounding features. By keeping it simple, it is less distracting and creates better synergy in your home. The modern small apartment design ideas don’t always need to be elaborate. And you’ll notice your place seem more spacious by swapping out a couple of items.

7. Place oriental decor strategically

modern small apartment design

Image | Decoholic

If you’re worried that your place isn’t Asian enough, a couple of ornaments can help give that subtle touch that isn’t too distracting. A scroll with written characters could hang in the background, or a statue of a laughing Buddha are enough to give hints of Oriental influence without cluttering the space.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong