Step inside the world's first MUJI hotel

Step inside the world's first MUJI hotelStep inside the world's first MUJI hotel

Beloved for their simple, high quality home products and apparel, the latest venture of popular Japanese retail brand MUJI will truly delight their fans.

Since the 1980s, Japanese retailer MUJI has been offering a wide variety of products. From household goods to apparel, the brand remains faithful to their name, which translates to “no-brand quality goods.”

With each well curated item, MUJI embodies a universal aesthetic of simplicity and minimalism.

They have since expanded into designing airport terminals and tiny homes, so it comes as no surprise that they would venture into the hospitality industry.

What to expect once you stay at MUJI Hotel Shenzhen

Located in Guangdong Province, MUJI Hotel Shenzhen opened its doors in January 2018. It was followed by MUJI Hotel Beijing two months later.

Once you step inside the MUJI Hotel Shenzhen, you will be welcomed by walls made from repurposed wood from traditional Chinese homes. This aesthetic extends to the hotel’s courtyards.

The six-floor property holds 79 rooms. Here’s a peek inside.

All of the rooms are designed with a neutral colour palette. With fabrics and textures that are natural but striking in their simplicity.

The room’s wide windows allow for a lot of natural light to come in, making the space warm and inviting.

Each piece of furniture—down to the cups, pitchers, and waste bins—is aesthetically compatible with the design philosophy of the brand.

The layout of each room allows for comfort and relaxation. For instance, their Type C room (available with twin or double beds) can accommodate up to two people. Its 38-39m2   rooms come with a cozy, living area.

Venture outside your room and you will find MUJI Diner, where you can have a sumptuous breakfast or a nightcap. They serve home cooked favourites from around the world. Of course, their dinnerware is available at the MUJI store, located on the second and third floors of the hotel.

muji hotel shenzhen

Step inside the worlds first MUJI hotel

At the MUJI store, known as Open MUJI, you can get an array of items, from travel essentials to furniture. Of course, MUJI’s signature storage items are available as well as books, food, clothing, cosmetics and skincare.

Step inside the worlds first MUJI hotel

Bibliophiles will also feel right at home at the hotel’s cozy library.

Step inside the worlds first MUJI hotel

MUJI will be opening its third stunning hotel in early 2019 in Ginza, Tokyo. Visit their website to know more.

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