Netflix Series "Street Food" Features Cebu Lechon

Netflix Series "Street Food" Features Cebu LechonNetflix Series "Street Food" Features Cebu Lechon

It's not just about lechon (but it is amazing!)

Although Filipino’s have the most versatile palates that allows them to enjoy food from all over the world, we certainly know how to cook up a storm. Lechon and crispy pata are considered some of the finest food in the world. It’s so impressive that Netflix has commissioned a new series – from the creative minds behind Chef’s Table, Netflix Street Food Philippines will show off what locals in Cebu enjoy on a daily basis, including the lip-smacking lechon. Here are some of the other dishes you can look forward to tuning into when the show is ready to stream.

Netflix Street Food Philippines features the best of Cebu

1. Cebu Lechon

Netflix Street Food Philippines

Image | Pixabay

Lechon is to Cebu like Hainanese chicken rice is to Singapore. Not a day goes by where we crave deliciously tender roast pork with its succulent crackling on top. And during the series, you’ll hear from Leslie Enjambre, who is the 4th generation owner of a Cebu Lechon business that started from the 1940’s. Must be pretty good if it’s lasted that long!

2. Tuslob-Buwa


Filipino for “dipping into bubbles”, it’s a huge favourite where you dip puso into a deliciously rich sauce made from pig brains, pork liver, or intestines, onions, soy sauce, and other ingredients. It’s a communal food where everyone shares the dipping sauce. What else helps people bond except over food? And you’ll see Ian Secong of Azul’s cleaner recipe that you can even try at home!

3. Nilarang Bakasi

Netflix Street Food Philippines

Image | ABS CBN

There’s a lot of history and symbolic power behind this dish. Florencio “Entoy” Escabas’ Nilarang Bakasi turned to cooking to not only help his family, but also improve his community. The sour broth is very refreshing and unique to Cebu. Definitely worth checking out for the feels!

4. Lumpia

Netflix Street Food Philippines

Image | Pixabay

While lumpia can be found in most Chinese restaurants, “Street Food” will look at Rubilyn Diko Manayon’s lumpia in particular.

Watch Netflix’s Street Food on April, 26 for amazing street food found in the Philippines, Thailand, India, Taiwan,, Vietnam Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong