5 Popular Asian Kueh Locals Enjoy for Breakfast

5 Popular Asian Kueh Locals Enjoy for Breakfast

Sharefood share how easy it is to make these favourite Asian kuehs at home!

The fondest memory I have of my grandparents is having breakfast together with them in the morning before going to school. I remember the smell of freshly brewed local coffee and watching my grandmother transfer a steaming hot plate of kueh out of the steamer and onto the table. There I would sit with my small cup of milo while eyeing my favourite kueh bought from the nearby stall.

Making kueh is not a skill that runs in my family, hence the lack of heirloom Asian and Nyonya kueh recipe passed down. Still, this does not stop most locals from enjoying them for breakfast. Whether savoury or sweet they go perfectly with your choice of hot beverage. And if there's any leftover, there's always tea break to enjoy them too.

5 Asian and Nyonya kueh recipe to try at home

1. Kueh Sarlat

Kueh Sarlat/Salat or more commonly known as Kueh Seri Muka is a two-layered traditional kueh that has been enjoyed for generations. It is a sweet and sticky kueh that goes great with black coffee. The top layer is a kaya custard, followed by a glutinous rice layer which is sometimes coloured blue with the blue butterfly pea flower.

If you want to try this Nyonya kueh recipe at home, check out Sharefood's video below!

2. Steamed Carrot Cake

Steamed carrot cake or lo bak gou in Cantonese, are my favourite. There's also a yam version which I love equally. Savoury and mixed with dried prawns, it is then steamed until it is cooked. Served with fried onions, fresh chilli and more fried chopped dried prawns strewn on top. It is oh so satisfying until the last bite.

Make it at home today!

3. Ang Ku Kueh

This is another favourite Nyonya kueh loved by many. Also known as the turtle kueh, it is usually red in colour. But now you can find them in other colours like purple, grey and yellow as well. This sweet delicacy has a green bean filling and the coloured outside is made from glutinous rice flour. It is also a popular kueh served during ceremonies and baby full moon parties.

If you want this Nyonya kueh recipe, check out Sharefood's video below!

4. Soon Kueh

The Soon kueh is a dumpling-like kueh that is filled with chopped turnips, bamboo shoot and dried shrimps. Savoury, and very delicious. In fact, the filling would be even more delicious when you don't skimp on the dried shrimps and add a hint of heat by adding white pepper. Its outer skin is usually rolled thinly to wrap the filling and is made from a mixture of tapioca flour and rice flour.

5. Kueh Keria Gula Melaka

A kueh that went viral sometime in 2016, people would flock to Melaka to buy this deep fried sweet potato doughnut slathered with gula Melaka. Sticky sweet and delicious, it is a popular Malay kueh even up till today. Commonly served during Hari Raya, you can make this any day at home with Sharefood's easy to follow video below!


This article is done in partnership with Sharefood Singapore. After seeing all the mouthwatering Asian and Nyoya kueh recipe listed above, are you suddenly craving for homemade kueh? Try them over the weekend and check out other easy and straightforward recipes on Sharefood's Facebook page! Be inspired to make it at home.

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Rosanna Chio