Omega Houseware launches their OMG! OMEGA! Campaign

Omega Houseware launches their OMG! OMEGA! CampaignOmega Houseware launches their OMG! OMEGA! Campaign

"Home is what you make of it" - bold words by Omega Houseware who

Since 1958, Omega Houseware has grown from a small company selling imported flasks, to becoming a household name that supplies the finest drinkware, glassware, kitchenware and tableware range of products. What’s more surprising is that recently, Omega Houseware launched their first media launch in the company’s history!

Omega Houseware 

omega houseware

Image | Courtesy of Omega Houseware

By now, everyone’s already heard of Omega House. In fact, you probably own a few items from the houseware brand! In the kitchen, you might own stainless steel cookware or utensils. Or you might have ceramic dishware that’s sturdy and easy on the eye. Their commitment to quality even goes as far as their glass products with scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe technology.

But what’s special about Omega Houseware is not just the commitment to supplying high-quality house products.

Omega Houseware’s media launch focuses on people having their own “OMG” moment.

But what could they mean by that?

omega houseware

Image | Courtesy of Omega Houseware

The emphasis is not just on practicality, but also to let customers express their personality with matching houseware. There’s nothing worse than carefully planning the design and flow of the house, just for that to be ruined with an incongruent item.

But creativity and style shouldn’t begin and end with larger decorative areas of your house! Omega Houseware’s marketing manager Gie De Leon shares that “With the OMG! OMEGA! Campaign, now is the time to reach out to our consumers and make them recognize that Omega is their brand of choice for high quality, stylish and innovative modern everyday solutions.”

“Omega will continue to develop and launch great products for the modern Filipino. Expect to see more of Omega as we reach out to more Filipinos through social media, advertising and PR campaigns, and in-store activities,” De Leon adds.

OMG Omega Makeover coming every quarter

omega houseware

Image | Courtesy of Omega Houseware

What can we look forward to in anticipation of our OMG! moment?

The OMG: Omega Makeover Gang will release a two-part kitchen makeover webisode on their Facebook that contains life hacks, tips and bite-sized snippets of wisdom in renovating the house.

The team is made up of food and travel vlogger Mica Pinea, actress, comedienne and body positivity advocate Cai  Cortez, and graphic artist and stage designer CJ Francisco.

Nonilo caught up with the team in an exclusive interview as they share their insights behind home decor ideas and cooking good food!

Into the minds of the Omega Makeover team

What are the best places in Manila to go home decor shopping?

CJ: I think the best places to go home-décor shopping are places where you’re given multiple options in order to pick pieces that suit your personality. I love going into department stores
like SM since there’s such variety. There are so many hidden gems in their shelves, so all you need is to put together a cohesive story that tells your guests that this is who you are.

How do you bargain for the best price?

CJ: Well it really depends on where you’re buying certain items. If it’s in a department store, try looking through the discount section, but if you’re in places that do allow you to haggle for
the best price, make sure to flash those pearly whites, engage and just have fun. People are more willing to drop their prices if you’re friendly!

Did you always like to cook? When did you start and how did you learn?

Mica: Yes!!!! The women in my family, my mother being my biggest influence, enrolled me in a cooking class with Sylvia Reynoso as a kid; that was the seed. But it wasn’t until high school
that I learned to follow recipes. Prior to that I kept on experimenting and my mom would joke that the cookies I made were so hard “parang bato pwedeng makabasag ng bintana”

What’s your advice for beginning cooks?

Mica: Do not be afraid to season your dish according to your palate. It’s great to follow recipes, especially when baking, but it’s even greater to personalize your food according to your
preference. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s the kitchen, and some of the greatest recipes come from initial kitchen disasters.

What are some of the design tips you’d give to those living in small spaces?

CJ: If you live in small spaces I would suggest getting as much light into your home as possible. You could also make use of sleek designs with bright colors or even transparent materials for
your tableware and furnishings. This way the place doesn’t seem so heavy and there’s a sense of openness and flow to your home.

What are the essential pieces every new homeowner should have?

CJ: I love cooking and having friends over, so I would definitely recommend having your basicpots and pans as well as plates and mugs ready. They really bring put the ‘fun’ in ‘function’
during your housewarming parties.

Tell us about the OMG makeover crew! What do you love most about being a part of it? What is your favourite Omega product and why?

CJ: I love being part of the OMG gang! They’re such an amazing and positive bunch to be around! I love that we can surprise people by making small changes that really have a big
impact on their lives! I love making people feel happy and excited about change!

Mica: Exciting!!! Being Omega’s Ms. Foodie makes me feel kilig. I personally am very passionate about food, so being given a chance to share, talk and enlighten people about it is most
definitely a privilege.

CJ: My favorite Omega products are the different tumblers they carry! I’m always attracted to their sleekness and simplicity. I love the fact that they’re also very light, making them really
easy to bring everywhere! The one I’m using now, the Omega Tritan Bottle Duff, actually has hints of my favorite color!

Mica: Wow, it’s so hard to choose for products… but I love their cookware because it’s not heavy and functions very well and it also doesn’t break the bank. Affordable, stylish and functional, so what’s not to love?


The pilot webisode airs in October 2019, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Written by

Vinnie Wong