7 Southeast Asian online shopping sites for home accessories

7 Southeast Asian online shopping sites for home accessories7 Southeast Asian online shopping sites for home accessories

Everything delivered right to your doorstep, and you don’t even have to move from your bed!

Today, shopping malls and physical stores are suffering because of the digitization of shopping experiences and the habits of Millennials and Gen-Z consumers. Online shopping for home accessories, especially, has made such businesses in brick and mortar shops suffer.

The digital generations have placed a lot of trust in online shopping – something that would have been seen as a huge risk only ten years ago.

As such, online marketplaces have popped up left and right center. But as consumers, it’s good news for us because we have plenty of choices. And online marketplaces are fighting hard for our business, making pricing competitive across the board with an abundance of variety, we never want to stop shopping!

So if you turn to online shopping for home accessories, here are some sites you ought to check out in Southeast Asia.

7 Southeast Asian sites to check out: online shopping for home accessories

1. Naiise

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: Naiise website

Anyone in Singapore would have heard of Naiise, but the online lifestyle shop has also recently expanded into Malaysia. It is absolutely our FAVOURITE shop to browse through for its quirky localised knick knacks and homeware. The site is filled with things you never knew you wanted, but suddenly can’t live without.

Thinking of getting coasters for your home? Why not the wooden coasters with Peranakan designs? You’ll get flashes of yourself cooking Nyonya dishes while wearing a Kebaya just looking at those coasters. What about salt and pepper shakers? Forget the boring matchy ones, because Naiise will convince you that your life is not complete without the Four Seasons (get the pun?) shakers.

What to buy: Everything for your kitchen and living room that comes in localised designs and quirks

2. Hotel & Home Shop

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: Hotel & Home website

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your home look a little like a hotel, and let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed it, then Hotel & Home Shop is your ultimate one-stop shop! Just one look at the website and you’ll fall in love (and start adding things to cart).

If you don’t want your dining table to have that default IKEA look (like every other cafe/home), then this is where you need to buy your tableware because it’s just #GOALS all the way! But it can be pretty pricey, be warned. Get your (e)wallets ready.

What to buy: Stunning tableware, drinkware and accessories.

3. Kiyolo

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: Kiyolo website

Scandinavian and minimalist fans will swoon at the offerings by Kiyolo, because everything in this online shop will make you feel like you’re in a perfectly curated Pinterest page. And perhaps you’ve always dreamed of turning your home into the ultimate Pinterest home. In that case, you can’t miss out on the amazing homeware sold at Kiyolo.

Marble, wood, copper and concrete – these are just some of the popular elements of minimalism and Scandinavian design that you will find in abundance on the site.

What to buy: Lighting, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, kids items

4. Homebase

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: Homebase PH

Philippines-based brand Homebase is a must-have on every domestic goddess’ list of places to shop for home and living items. Not only does the site sell quirky furniture and stunning statement pieces for the home, it also gives you “inspo” with its curated gallery of inspirational photos (just in case you need some design ideas).

Here, you will find really outstanding furniture that could just be the finishing touches on your masterpiece of a home. Using geometric designs and a modern flair, these eye-catching items will empty out your bank account.

What to buy: Big furniture like bedside tables and sofas, plant collections, statement items for the house

5. Domesticity

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: Domesticity website

Another Philippines-based website, Domesticity hums a different tune from the other lifestyle webshops on this list. Here is where you will find a more homely, country vibe. Think of a classic American kitchen with plenty of plaid, wood and floral designs. If that is your style, then Domesticity is your go-to shop.

Their tagline is “We love bringing rustic provincial flair to your homes” and indeed, the multitude of items you can choose from this shop is a rustic lover’s haven.

What to buy: Homeware, kitchenware, bathroom accessories and baby items

6. The Vintage Parlour

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: The Vintage Parlour website

Going totally against the grain and possibly letting yourself live in another era, is to surround yourself with vintage and antique pieces in your home. If you feel like an old soul that doesn’t belong in this era, then your heart will find comfort in The Vintage Parlour.

Find vintage inspired pieces reminiscent of the late 18th century and early 19th century. Fill your home with items that boast provenance and a certain je ne sais quoi.

What to buy: Vintage inspired kitchenware, homeware and decorative pieces.

7. Decordinary

online shopping for home accessories

screenshot: Decordinary website

If your idea of the perfect holiday is Halloween, then Decordinary will be your choice webshop. While not as dark and gloomy as the holiday suggests, Decordinary is in fact, whimsical, and far from ordinary.

Put a splash of colour into your home with the items from Decordinary and stand out from the typical minimalist modern homes we see all over Instagram and Pinterest. This will show off your unique personality through carefully selected items. Find out where your crazy self will take you by shopping to your heart’s content at Decordinary.

What to buy: Whimsical and colourful floor pillows, clocks, duvets and more.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the many shopping options online? Make it easier by checking these sites first!

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