Is the open plan design going out of trend for home living?

Is the open plan design going out of trend for home living?Is the open plan design going out of trend for home living?

This simple reason is why #OpenConceptRemorse is trending.

Having an open plan became a standard and normal design since the 1990’s. Partitions fell down and rooms seamlessly blended into one space. And while this style is great for hosting large parties and making smaller spaces seem larger, the number of open floor concept disadvantages became apparent. The biggest issue? The glaring lack of privacy.

Open floor concept disadvantages mean people are putting up walls again

Open plan design is embraced as a very trendy way to set up offices and home living. It helped create a casual style of living due to the lack of walls. Views became uninterrupted, natural light was able to reach flood the open space, and it was multi-functional.

But despite the apparent advantages this design had, there are just as many open floor concept disadvantages.

1. Lack of privacy

open floor concept disadvantages

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As obvious as this sounds, you really didn’t have much wiggle room when it came to having me time. Whatever combination your living room, kitchen, and dining room were in terms of seamless space, you just couldn’t enjoy using those rooms because it was too open. Children might want to use the office without prying eyes or you might want to read in a separate room without hearing the TV blaring in the background.

The biggest drawback when considering open floor concept disadvantages is you are constantly spending time with others, whether you like it or not!

2. More difficult to balance climate control

open floor concept disadvantages

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It’s a beautiful sight when you can see the open space and your apartment in all its glory. But that feeling can disappear quickly when you receive the electricity bill. You lose the ability to cool down one room that’s in use while keeping the air con off in an unoccupied room. So the large and well-appointed space needs to be cooled down, even if you only plan on sitting on the couch!

3. Need to tidy up all the time

The advantage of uninterrupted views in also one of the open floor concept disadvantages. Nothing can be hidden from view by walls and this requires constant decluttering. If not, your place will quickly become a home that might be featured on Marie Kondo’s show.

4. Your home can feel too big

open floor concept disadvantages

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One of the open floor concept disadvantages to consider is if you didn’t plan on hosting big parties, then your home will feel too spacious. You lose the cosy factor and it can feel almost like a warehouse!

5. More expensive to build

If you live in an apartment, there may be load-bearing walls that can’t be taken down to create the seamless open plan look. And even if all the partitions can be removed, extra material will be needed for stable support like additional steel beams.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong