Milk tea lovers can enjoy A GALLON of pearl milk tea anytime they want!

Milk tea lovers can enjoy A GALLON of pearl milk tea anytime they want!Milk tea lovers can enjoy A GALLON of pearl milk tea anytime they want!

Now you can have pearl milk tea anytime, anywhere!

Do you love milk tea? If you want to drink it at home anytime you want, then you’ll love this news! You can now order a gallon of milk tea so you can create homemade milk tea from your own kitchen!

Enjoy a gallon of homemade milk tea – available now!

homemade milk tea

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Gallontea claims they are “The Philippines’ First Gallon Milk Tea”. And they certainly deliver on that promise!

Now you won’t have to worry about what to bring to potluck next time. If you and your friends just enjoy homemade milk tea, then this will hit the spot!

A gallon of milk tea costs only Php500! You can also order a gallon of winter melon tea for Php600 if you prefer. However, the tapioca pearls aren’t included! You need to order them separately. A container of pearls costs Php100. And moreover, a container of Nata Crystals costs the same!

They advise that each order of their homemade milk tea contains 10-15 servings. This makes Gallontea’s unique service ideal for big parties!

If you want to get your hands on a gallon of homemade milk tea, then your order must be placed and payment must be settled a day in advance.

Currently, delivery service isn’t available. You’ll need to pick up your gallon of milk tea from their office in Binondo, Manila.

homemade milk tea

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We don’t want to burst your bubble, but in case you’re not aware, pearl milk tea contains roughly 330 calories in a single serving (with tapioca balls). It’s so good, but also calorific!

Pearl milk tea is a Taiwanese drink that took the world by storm in recent years! The tapioca balls give extra texture and flavour to creamy milk tea for a delicious midday snack.

You can also make other desserts with tapioca balls like Thai Tapioca Pudding!

Otherwise, you can just enjoy pearl milk tea as originally intended!

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Vinnie Wong