Taste The Summer With Papa Diddi's New Ice Cream Flavours

Taste The Summer With Papa Diddi's New Ice Cream FlavoursTaste The Summer With Papa Diddi's New Ice Cream Flavours

Summer's here and Papa Diddi's new range of ice cream flavours are sure to make your summer bloom!

It’s officially Summertime in the Philippines and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun! What better way to enjoy to the hottest (literally) season? How about trying Papa Diddi’s ice cream flavour from their new Summer Blooms range?

Papa Diddi’s ice cream flavours for the summer are a source of surprise and delight

Papa Diddis ice cream flavours

Image | Papa Diddi’s

The ice cream flavours from this ice cream parlour are particularly special because they are made from locally-sourced ingredients. This explains the inspiration behind each interesting flavour of Summer Blooms. You can now order from White Summer Lei, Blue Butterfly, Honey Sunflower Seed, Manguavo, Squash Blossoms, and Roselle’s Embrace.

Papa Diddis ice cream flavours

Image | Papa Diddi’s

White Summer Lei is the most surprising creation. Each mouthful gives a taste of Davao white chocolate ice cream that is infused with the aroma of Sampaguita. Yes – you read that right. The national sweetly scented flower is added for that x-factor and showstopper. Another adventurous flavour is the Blue Butterfly ice cream, with the distinct flavour of tea and peas.

Papa Diddis ice cream flavours

Image | Facebook screengrab (@millenialmarksb)

Squash Blossoms might remind you of the winter season thanks to its kalabasa-infused ice cream and hint of cinnamon. But if you’re looking for something that will cut through that heavy lunch, Roselle’s Embrace may do the trick. Floral hints of hibiscus are offset by salty chunks of cheddar cheese. Looking for a more familiar combination? Try Honey Sunflower Seed ice cream! And don’t forget about everyone’s favourite fruit in the ice cream sandwich Manguavo!

There’s an exclusive flavour for pint subscribers which you can apply to become a member.

Ice cream is the way to stay cool during the coming summer months. There’s a myriad of choices you can indulge in – try unique flavours that serve as a reminder of your childhood like Yakult and White Rabbit (yes, the candy!). Or if you love the cone more than the ice cream, try Emack & Bolio’s vibrant and wacky cones.

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Vinnie Wong