Potato Corner introduces 18 new flavors! Here's where to get your fix

Potato Corner introduces 18 new flavors! Here's where to get your fix

We can't decide what to try first!

As if we needed more reason to love Potato Corner’s flavorful fries, here comes Potato Corner lab, a veritable haven for fry fans. With over 18 new flavors, the branch is truly the first of its kind and we can’t wait to try all that they have to offer.

Potato Corner Lab opens in Makati City

Head over to the newly opened Potato Corner lab at Glorietta 4 in Makati City and choose from classic favourites: Cheese, Sour Cream, Barbecue, and the newer crowd pleasers Truffle, Wasabi, and Sweet Corn.

Or try something new and order any of their latest, unique flavors that range from savory to sweet (yes, you read that right!), like Kimchi, Curry, Maple Bacon, Seafood, Chili Lime, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Spicy Cheese.

potato corner lab

images: Potato Corner official Instagram account

They are also debuting deep-fried cheese bites and we’re sure it tastes as good at it sounds. You can choose between Cream Cheese Jalapeno, Camembert, or Mozzarella filling.

Surely anticipating the long queues, Potato Corner lab also comes equipped with its own self-ordering kiosk, where you can order and customize your fries and choose add-ons.

Are you craving yet? We know we are!

Race you there!




Written by

Bianchi Mendoza