This is how to prepare your home for Chinese New Year

This is how to prepare your home for Chinese New YearThis is how to prepare your home for Chinese New Year

Prior to Chinese New Year comes with one of the oldest cleaning traditions!

On 2 February, it marks the 28th day of the 12th month of the Chinese calendar. Which means it’s time for our annual spring clean to prepare for Chinese new year! Here are 7 tips on how to prepare for Chinese New Year.

7 ways to prepare for Chinese New Year

1. Prepare all the cleaning materials

prepare for chinese new year

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Spring cleaning happens just before the first day of the first month of Chinese New Year. This is because of the belief that any cleaning that happens shortly after will sweep away any good luck. In order to make the task easier, prepare for Chinese New Year by getting your cleaning materials ready. If you’ve gone through some decluttering, you will have some cleaning stuff already on hand.

2. Work through the house systematically

It might seem like a big task. But if you break down the house by areas or rooms, then it’s clearer what you want to achieve each time you get down to business. It also helps to clean in the same direction – start from a point in the room and work clockwise, or anti-clockwise.

3. Chip away at your cleaning in small stages

prepare for chinese new year

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Thinking about how to prepare for Chinese New Year can send anyone into a flurry of panic. Although the thought of cleaning the whole house in one go is tempting, it’s better to work in small steps. Set aside an hour or two each day to tackle different areas. If you know your limits and work around them, then your sanity will thank you for it!

4. Dust open spaces and wipe down surfaces

Cleaning dusty corners and messy areas is a sign of putting last year’s troubles behind you. So spare no part of your house as you go to town on making every area spotless! If you don’t have a duster, then you can use dirty or unused pillowcases to absorb the dust from hard-to-reach places. You could also use lint-roller to get stubborn dust off fragile items, like lampshades or curtains.

Just remember to hide brooms and pans after Chinese New Year so you don’t accidentally sweep away any good luck!

5. Use fabric spray to leave your home with a fresh and clean smell 

prepare for chinese new year

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There’s nothing that gives off a great impression of cleanliness other than the smell of fresh laundry. Give your furniture and If you don’t have Febreeze, then you can make your own fabric spray.

Infuse some lemon in a vinegar cleaning solution that will leave your kitchen smelling amazing!

6. Throw away broken or unwanted items

In true decluttering fashion, it’s time to part with the old to make space for new things. If there are broken items, then chuck them out. But fix them if you plan on keeping something because it’s useful. Don’t let any item sit in your home idly!

For unwanted items, you can donate them to a variety of charitable organisations. Many of these places accept clothing, food and even furniture!

7. Make sure the doorways are clear

prepare for chinese new year

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To truly prepare for Chinese New Year, all the doorways and entrances must be clear of clutter. This is so that good luck can enter without any obstacles! If you have loose items or random objects lying around, stash them in drawers or corral them together and move them out of sight.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong