8 small kitchen tasks to do while getting meals ready

8 small kitchen tasks to do while getting meals ready8 small kitchen tasks to do while getting meals ready

Even the smallest tasks can help you become a master multi-tasker!

When it comes to keeping a home spic and span and running smoothly, a lot can be done in just a few minutes, which is usually how long it takes to get easy meals ready. But in just a short span of time, did you know there are quite a number of productive things to do at home, particularly the kitchen?

Keep these small tasks in mind the next time you're waiting for a meal to cook because even the little things can greatly help you manage your home.

Simple, multitasking, productive things to do at home

1. Organise your refrigerator

Throw out what is no longer good or to reduce food waste, you can still use some to whip up last-minute dishes using leftovers. Properly label items, especially meat and vegetables that have been removed from their original packaging. Note the expiry date and date of purchase to help you better plan meals.

productive things to do at home


2. Wash the dishes

So the dirty dishes don't pile up, don't wait until the end of meals to wash them. Do the dishes while waiting for food to cook. Or if there are no dishes to do, then why not organise your plates and cutlery? Of all the productive things to do at home, kitchen tasks are some of the most important.

productive things to do at home


3. Clean your workstation

Wipe down your kitchen counter; throw out bits of food left on your chopping board and wipe newly washed dishes. Set aside tools you no longer need and make sure to keep the space clear, so you don't have to think about it after your meal.

productive things to do at home


4. Plan your meals

While waiting for your meal to cook, you can also prepare ingredients for next recipes ahead of time. Chop or mix ingredients. Not only will preparing beforehand make cooking easier, it will save you more time.

You can also take a pen, paper, or your smartphone and map out your meals for the week. If you have plans of eating out, jot them down, too. Not only will this help you build a great shopping list, it will help you manage your budget for the week as well.

productive things to do at home


5. Make a grocery list

Once you've planned your meals, you can take time to write a grocery list based on the ingredients you will need as well as other essentials you will need around the home. You can do it the old-fashioned way or make use of helpful grocery apps to make it easier.

productive things to do at home


6. Sort your pantry

Just like cleaning out your refrigerator, managing your kitchen pantry is an important part of keeping your kitchen organised. What's great about it is that it's a small task that delivers big results, especially once you know what pantry essentials to prioritise to boost your kitchen confidence.

productive things to do at home


7. Look for some culinary inspo

Do some research on recipes you would like to try for the coming week! Read cookbooks, browse the net, or crowdsource on social media. Even simply checking Instagram and Pinterest can inspire you to try new, delicious things in the kitchen.

productive things to do at home

Do you often simply wait for meals to cook? Make it an even more productive time by tackling chores, however small, that greatly help you lessen your workload at home to better enjoy your downtime.

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Bianchi Mendoza