How to eat your way through Puerto Princesa, according to celebrity chef Anton Amoncio

How to eat your way through Puerto Princesa, according to celebrity chef Anton Amoncio

We catch up with celebrity chef Anton Amoncio on his recent visit in Puerto Princesa!

Anton Amoncio has gained a lot of popularity in a very short space of time! The 29-year-old celebrity chef has grown in leaps and bounds since winning Food Hero Asia in 2016. And he shares some insights of his trip to Puerto Princesa, where he filmed part of the exciting show “Cruise the World”.

Anton Amoncio – chef, owner, explorer

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Cruise the World, which premieres on 19 January 07.10pm on TLC, has Anton Amoncio travel the world with other popular Asian celebrities. As strangers, they discover each other’s culture and unique cuisine on these culinary adventures. Speaking to NONILO, he shares his experience in Palawan’s Puerto Princesa from the things to do to the food to eat that should be on everyone’s checklists when they visit!

Anton on what to do while in Puerto Princesa

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Image source: TLC Southeast Asia

As a native Filipino, what are some of your food recommendations for tourists when they visit the Philippines?

Anton: There are a variety of delectable dishes to suit every palate. My personal favourites are Tinola, Kaldereta, Sinigang, Sisig, Bicol Express, and Adobo.

What are some of your must-dos at Puerto Princesa? 

Anton: They should visit the Underground River! Go Island hopping, climb Ugong rock, and go watch fireflies at night.

Where are the best breakfast, lunch and dinner spots in Puerto Princesa?

Anton: There are too many to mention, but we visited one of the most famous hang out spots in Puerto Princesa during the shoot. Please do watch out for it.

Did you get any culinary inspiration from your adventure at Puerto Princesa?

Anton: I did! When you are in an island, you have to make do with whatever ingredients you have on hand, and I find that extremely refreshing coming from someone that is born and raised in the city.

Share with us your favourite dish to eat and how we can recreate it at home

Anton: My ultimate comfort food is my grandmother’s chicken Tinola. It is my go to dish whenever I am feeling a bit under the weather, for me it is the perfect pick-me-up.


Catch Chef Anton as he cruises the world on TLC SingTel TV Channel 254.

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