8 candy bars you can enjoy as luscious spreads

8 candy bars you can enjoy as luscious spreads8 candy bars you can enjoy as luscious spreads

Chocolate lovers, this one's for you!

Though Nutella will always have a special place in our hearts, we’re open to falling in love with other sugary spreads. And these rich and velvety spreads are great contenders. From nutty to creamy, here are some of the most luscious chocolate spreads you can indulge in, whether you plan on slathering it on a sandwich or scooping it up straight from the jar, starting with a gooey, creamy Reese’s spread!

Reese’s spread and other candy bars that are now available in spreadable form

1. Reese’s

Who isn’t familiar with the nutty sweetness of Reese’s pieces? Now all that goodness comes in a creamy spreadable form and it tastes as good as it sounds.

Where to get it: Shopee Singapore ($12.90)

2. Hershey’s

Gone are the days when you had to patiently wait to melt Hershey’s bars in a hot pan when baking desserts. Hershey’s spread now exists and it’s great for cupcakes, sandwiches or to coat some delicious strawberries.

Where to get your fix: Redmart Singapore ($8)

3. M&M’s

The colourful chocolate buttons have always been a worldwide favourite, but now they’re winning hearts all over again with M&M’s chocolate spread. It’s creamy, but still comes with that same delightful crunch we know and love.

Where to get your fix: FairPrice Finest Singapore ($6.95)

reeses spread

image: Glenford Kalaw Facebook page

4. Twix

Confectionary giant Mars Inc. isn’t about to let the rest have Reese’s spread and the others have all the fun! They’ve come up with their own sugary spread.

Where to get your fix: Carousell Singapore ($5.90)

5. Lindt

Premium chocolatier Lindt has created their own contender, or their Hazelnut spread that has a full and intense flavour with a smooth and nutty texture because of generous amount of LINDT chocolate swirled with lots of hazelnut (even more than Nutella, as their website claims).

Where you can get your fix: It’s not available in Singapore yet, but it’s only a matter of time. You can order from Amazon in the meantime while we wait!

reeses spread

images: Lindt Italia and Candyland.ie Instagram accounts

6. Chocnut

The childhood Filipino chocolate favourite is now even better, in a creamy, spreadable form that’s sure to

Where to get your fix: Amarise Sweets ₱70/jar and ₱2,000 for a box of 30 jars. Learn more here.

7. Cadbury Caramel

This crunchy chocolate-caramel spread is a delight for those who love this candy bar. Cadbury has also come up with a regular chocolate spread and a cadbury crunchie version for those who want a bit of crunch to their sugary spreads.

Where to get your fix: Redmart Singapore ($7.90)

8. Maltesers

Manufactured by confectionary giant Mars, Maltesers are delectable spherical pieces of milk chocolate with a malted milk centre with a light crunch. And it’s spreadable form is just as delightful!

Where to get your fix: Shopee Singapore ($12)

reeses spread

image: Glenford Kalaw Facebook page

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Bianchi Mendoza