Refresh by GrabFood helping you survive hot summer days and nights

Refresh by GrabFood helping you survive hot summer days and nightsRefresh by GrabFood helping you survive hot summer days and nights

Available only for a limited time!

The temperature is ramping up and it’s important to keep cool in the overbearing heat. Grab knows the struggles we face, so the news of  Refresh by Grabfood is a welcome one. Order your favourite drinks either online or in person between April, 10 to May, 9.

Refresh by GrabFood helps you beat the heat

refresh by grabfood

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The first digital refreshment area has set up shop in Bonifacio Global City. GrabFood, the ride-hailing app’s food delivery services, brings your favourite beverages closer to you in Manila. Digital kiosks for Macao Imperial Tea, And Then Coffee Co, and Ante, will serve you cooling drinks from 10am to 11pm from Mondays to Fridays, and 11am to 11pm throughout weekends.

refresh by grabfood

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Many people have heard of Macao Imperial Tea, so it’s a delight to hear their signature milk tea can be picked up when you’re passing by. In particular, the Cream Cheese series is a showstopper, being a great combination of sweet and salty flavours in milk tea.

If you love coffee or trying fun drinks, then And Then Coffee Co. will tick those boxes off. Ever tried nitro coffee? You’ll be filled with energy, coffee, and a buzz after having crowd favourites in their signature Nitro Black or Nitro Latte.

refresh by grabfood

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The third of the heat-beating triumvirate is Ante. Tea-lovers can enjoy the taste of summer. You’ll enjoy the Blacker Berry, filled with lemon, strawberries, and mint-infused flavours. If you love matcha, then try the Ultralight Green, which is green tea with a pleasant addition of mint, apple and oranges.

Grab’s president, Brian Cu, announced that “Refresh by GrabFood is a reflection of Grab’s goal of bringing consumers closer to what matters to them through better daily services and rewarding experiences. It also showcases our commitment to improve the lives of our merchant-partners and delivery-partners by providing more opportunities such as offline and online storefronts and promotions that boost consumer demand.”

If you’re within 3km of the digital kiosks, you can also order online via the app. Just search for “Refresh by GrabFood” for the orders.

If you don’t have time to make your own cooling drinks, lean on Refresh by GrabFood to help you keep cool at the push of a button!

Written by

Vinnie Wong