8 other ways to reuse breast milk storage bags

8 other ways to reuse breast milk storage bags8 other ways to reuse breast milk storage bags

Don't throw out your breast milk storage bags because we have tips on how you can reuse them!

It doesn’t matter whether your breastmilk bags are reusable or from the unused stash, do not throw them away. With everyone trying to reduce waste, there are so many ingenious ways to reuse or upcycle your belongings instead of throwing them out. Here are 8 other ways you can put those breastmilk bags to work without adding more stress on Mother Earth.

Don’t throw out those breastmilk bags!

1. Freeze smoothies

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Store your precut fruit mix in them because they are great for rush days when you only have time to make a quick smoothie for breakfast. Just cut up your fruits on grocery day and mix them up into whatever combos you prefer before freezing them. That way they are always ready for you when you need to make a quick smoothie.

2. Freeze baby food

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Aside from storing milk, breastmilk bags are great for storing homemade baby food as well. These are great for busy mums who need to cook them in huge batches over the weekend and weaning babies. Just freeze according to the portion you want. No eyeballing needed since you already have the measurements printed on the bags for you.

3. Store medication that leaks

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Have you ever tried putting all your bottle medications into a ziplock bag that’s a tad too big only to have them knock against each other and spill? Well, then try using breastmilk bags instead because not only will they stay upright all the time, you will also be able to fit in the syringe together.

4. Protect your phone from getting wet

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Knowing how well breastmilk bags are made and how leak proof they are, you could actually use them to protect your phones from getting wet. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you take your phone diving with you, but those double ziplock bags will definitely make your phone splash proof.

5. Bag your toiletries when travelling

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Breastmilk bags are also great when you’re travelling with different toiletries. Smaller bags mean you can pack your toiletries into groups rather than dump several bottles into a large ziplock bag only to have them all mixed up.

6. Freeze your leftover boozy punch from Christmas

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Have some leftover punch from Christmas? Don’t throw them out! You can pack them into serving size with these breastmilk bags! Great for late night drinks and you won’t even need to break out the blender or worse, wake everyone up.

7. Soups or Broth

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If you’re on a keto diet, this is a good tip for you because now you have a way to keep all that bone broth you’ve been slaving over the stove for hours. Okay so maybe your pressure cooker did all the work, but with these breastmilk bags you will be able to store each portion easily and enjoy them throughout the weeks.

8. Packed fruits for the kids

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This is a super great idea when you’re going on road trips with kids. Pack crackers, fruits or even pretzels into these breastmilk bags and hand them out to each child when they are feeling hungry. No need for unnecessary pit stops along the way and they can always reseal the bag themselves if they cannot finish.

Did we miss out any other ingenious uses for breast milk storage bags? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Rosanna Chio